Solana Remain Stable This Week, Same As Cardano Amid FTX Fiasco

Solana (SOL) is yet to recover from the recent dump the coin experienced during the FTX fiasco. Though Solana has recovered from $12 to the current $13.62, the coin has remained stable over the last few days. During this period, Cardano (ADA) has also remained stable, while its big rivals, Bitgert (BRISE) and Centcex (CENX), have been showing signs of an uptrend.

Solana (SOL) has been consolidating around $15 over the last two weeks, and the recent decline to $13 was a result of the crypto market crash. Most of the coins have posted a downtrend, including the Cardano (ADA).


Solana and Cardano Performance This Weekend and Next Week

Solana (SOL) is recovering from the FTX association that led to the massive dumping of the coin. Solana investors are getting back the confidence to invest in this coin, and this is why Solana has been stable for the last few days. The last 7 days have not seen massive dumping for the Solana coin.

Crypto analysts predict that Solana might start surging again this weekend and next week. This is as the FTX fiasco dies and the said ‘Sam coins’ start rebuilding investors’ confidence again. Cardano (ADA) is also expected to do well in the market this weekend and also surge next week.

The crypto market bulls are expected to take over the market over the next few days. This will bring recovery from the recent dumping that most of these coins experienced a few weeks ago.


Bitgert and Centcex Shall Do Better Than $SOL and $ADA

The price prediction for Bitgert (BRISE) and Centcex (CENX) looks good than most of the big players in the market, including Solana and Cardano. The price prediction for Bitgert and Centcex this weekend is bullish.

The Bitgert (BRISE) and Centcex (CENX) are expected to increase by 20% this weekend, which will definitely make them some of the best-performing coins in the market. Crypto analysts also believe that Bitgert and Centcex will be some of the best-performing coins next week, with the growth prediction put at +30%.

Bitgert will be the biggest gainer, where its roadmap of V2 products and the tens of partnerships will be the biggest drivers.

In conclusion, Centcex (CENX) and Bitgert (BRISE) will be among the best-performing coins this weekend and week. However, Solana and Cardano are expected to post an impressive recovery during the same period.

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