Twitter is dead, maybe: The 9 best tweets the week

Things for Twitter have gone from bad, to worse, to awful, to… What’s worse than awful? Everything is borderline apocalyptic on the app.

Well, guess what? Hop in losers, we’re posting at the end of the world. OK, not the end of the world, but the (maybe) end of Twitter. Thanks to new Chief Twit Elon Musk, Twitter is currently a mess. Users who purchased the new Twitter Blue for a verified blue check mark are posting fake news disguised as notable people or organizations. Features are rolling out and then rolling back an instant later. Musk is futilely trying to dig out of a massive hole, $8 at a time.

But the people kept posting, anyway. Because who on Twitter could resist the urge to document this car crash? So we collected the best the platform had to offer.

Here are the nine best tweets from this week as Twitter is further decsends into chaos.

1. Folks, he said ALLEGEDLY. There is nothing wrong here.

2. An unholy trio of things going poorly.

3. Gee whiz, I wonder who this could be about??

4.This is totally serious and not sarcastic.

5. We’re all just waiting to sober up and go home now.

6. This guy exists and he is struggling with what to do next. Pray for us all.

7. Get it?

8. Things got so strained on Twitter that dril broke character.

9. And finally, an attitude we should all have about Twitter these days.

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