#StandWithUkraine By Supporting Male Refugees Fleeing From There To Europe For Safety

More people are inevitably going to die in the Ukrainian Conflict, but all Westerners who truly believe that #UkrainianLivesMatter and proudly #StandWithUkraine can make a meaningful difference in countless Ukrainians’ lives by encouraging many more to flee to Europe for safety while they still can, especially men from 18-60 years of age who can’t “legally” leave without fear of persecution or worse by their dreaded secret police.

The Ukrainian Conflict is on track to intensify following Russia’s partial mobilization of experienced reservists and the Kremlin’s massive missile strike against that former Soviet Republic in response to the suicide truck bomb terrorist attack that Kiev carried out against the Crimean Bridge over the weekend. Millions of people still remain in the country and are thus at risk of losing their lives. Westerns can thus prove that they truly #StandWithUkraine by supporting refugees fleeing from there to Europe.

Everyone has the UN-enshrined international legal right to flee from their homeland for safety abroad if they feel that they’re in danger. This right isn’t just for women and children, but men, too. Kiev, however, has banned all men from 18-60 years of age from leaving. Canada’s newspaper of record, The Global And Mail, reported that this is facing many legal challenges since it goes against their rights. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that Western governments will pressure Kiev to repeal that law.

The reason is obvious, and it’s that the Ukrainian Conflict has actually transformed into a NATO-Russia proxy war. The US-led West’s Golden Billion would prefer to fight their opponent “to the last Ukrainian” instead of putting their own troops in danger. In other words, the Ukrainian men who face imprisonment or worse from their corrupt country’s secret police if they’re caught fleeing for their safety as refugees in line with their UN-enshrined rights are thus having those selfsame rights violated.

It doesn’t matter which side one supports in the Ukrainian Conflict since urgent humanitarian considerations should understandably take precedence over longer-term political ones. Nobody can say that they truly #StandWithUkraine if they don’t support the international legal rights of Ukrainians, including males from 18-60 years of age. Everyone should thus unite in encouraging all Ukrainians who fear for their lives to flee to Europe as refugees.

Poland has taken the global lead in helping Ukrainian refugees, but the millions of mostly women and children who’ve fled there – whether to stay or transit through to another country like Germany – are without their husbands, fathers, brothers, and even grandfathers in some cases. This makes their situation, both emotional and humanitarian, much more difficult. Without the support of their male loved ones, they risk falling into a cycle of poverty and potentially even sex trafficking, God forbid.

There’s no shame in being a refugee, which is obviously preferrable to possibly losing one’s life by remaining in the same conflict zone that the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) has described as the worst one in Europe since World War II. Poland is helping its fraternal neighbor’s refugees with EU and US support so their immediate needs will be taken care of. Furthermore, Brussels is very serious about ensuring that all refugees’ humanitarian rights are ensured and respected.

With these objectively existing and easily verifiable facts in mind, there’s no credible reason why anyone shouldn’t support Ukrainians – including males from 18-60 years of age – fleeing to Europe as refugees for their safety. Regrettably, however, right-wing forces have recently started waging a hardcore propaganda campaign aimed at pressuring Ukrainians to remain in their country to fight Russia even if they’re afraid of losing their lives and would thus prefer to leave instead.

Related narratives include: overamplifying the vocal minority of Europeans who have negative views about Ukrainian refugees; denying the existence of UN-enshrined international law related to everyone’s right to become a refugee; and manipulating “toxic masculinity” to make it seem like those males who don’t want to risk losing their lives and thus worsening their already vulnerable family’s socio-financial situation afterwards aren’t “real men”.

These narratives are respectively aimed at: deterring Ukrainians from fleeing to Europe as refugees by falsely making them think that the peaceful EU is supposedly more dangerous than their war-torn country; depriving them of knowledge about their UN-enshrined international legal rights to make them fear that they’ll be mistreated if they enter the bloc; and making males who love their family more than anything doubt themselves by planting the seeds that they’re “unmasculine” and even “traitorous”.

In the face of these narrative challenges, those Westerners who truly #StandWithUkraine and thus want to help all Ukrainians without exception – thus including males from 18-60 years of age – exercise their UN-enshrined international legal right to become a refugee must actively take to social media to confront these falsehoods with facts. Those with the means and time to do so can also consider traveling to Poland to explore opportunities for helping those refugees and males who want to flee.

The Polish-Ukrainian border is long and porous so there are presumably ample opportunities to pioneer so-called “unofficial border crossings” to save those who can’t “legally” flee without fear of persecution or worse by their dreaded secret police. If #UkrainianLivesMatter like many who claim to #StandWithUkraine always say, then this means that all such lives are important, including males from 18-60 years of age. Discriminating against any Ukrainians is bigoted and thus anti-Ukrainian to the core.

The Ukrainian Conflict is only going to get worse before it gets better due to the maximalist aims of both direct parties to hostilities as well as the interests that indirect ones like NATO are advancing at the expense of Ukrainian lives. More people are therefore going to die, but all Westerners who truly believe that #UkrainianLivesMatter and proudly #StandWithUkraine can make a meaningful difference in countless Ukrainians’ lives by encouraging many more to flee to Europe for safety while they still can.

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