The Google Pixel Watch is here with a focus on health tracking

At today’s Made by Google event, the tech giant fully revealed its first-ever Pixel Watch.

It’s Google’s first smartwatch designed and built in-house. It runs on the company’s WearOS platform and is compatible with all Pixel and Android phones. It features a curved design, a variety of customizable bands, and full integration with Google apps like Maps and Gmail.

The Pixel Watch starts at $349 for the WiFi-only model and $399 with LTE, and comes with three months of YouTube premium as well as six months of Fitbit Premium.

The Pixel Watch fully integrates with the Pixel 7 and all Google apps
Credit: Google

The Pixel Watch also has Fitbit built-in, making it fully optimized for health and fitness tracking.

image of person stretching next to image of Pixel Watch showing heart rate

Measure heart rate, fitness metrics, and sleep quality with Fitbit
Credit: Google

Specifically, that means heart rate measurement, ECG (electrocardiogram) tracking, and sleep monitoring. The Pixel Watch provides regular wellness reports including daily workout readiness scores, health metrics, and sleep scores — all designed to help you optimize your workout routine and sleep schedule.

The Pixel Watch will also include fall detection via software update at some point in 2023.

Image of two hands wearing Pixel Watch next to image of sleep session on Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 sleep app

Check reports that measure sleeps sessions.
Credit: Google

It’s available for pre-order today and will be on retail shelves next week.

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