Spotify Acquires Company That Detects Harmful Content In Podcasts – Slashdot

Spotify has purchased a company called Kinzen to help it detect and address harmful content in podcasts and other audio formats. Engadget reports: Kinzen uses machine learning and human expertise to analyze possibly harmful content and hate speech across multiple languages, Spotify said in a statement. It added that Kinzen will “help us more effectively deliver a safe, enjoyable experience on our platform around the world” and that the company’s tech is especially suited to podcasts and other audio formats.

The two companies have actually been working together since 2020, with the aim of preventing misinformation in election-related content. They forged their partnership before Joe Rogan started spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on his Spotify-exclusive show, which is said to be the most-listened-to podcast on the planet. There was a significant backlash against Rogan and Spotify earlier this year. […] It may be the case that Spotify sees employing Kinzen’s tech as a means to help it avoid similar PR catastrophes in the future.

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