This Bluetooth turntable can record your vinyl to your computer

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TL;DR: Through Oct. 12, you can get the mbeat® Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable with Speakers(opens in a new tab) for just $249.99 instead of $339.99 — that’s a 26% discount.

There’s something special about listening to music on vinyl(opens in a new tab). Whether it’s a classic on an early pressing or a modern band in a throwback medium, it’s just another way to enjoy your music while adding a bit of ambiance to your space. Now, you can even get turntables with a few modern revisions. The mbeat® MB-PT-28 is a Hi-Fi Bluetooth Turntable with built-in speakers, so you could enjoy those same classic tunes with a modern twist. 

During this Deal Days Sale, there’s a whole collection of awesome products(opens in a new tab) with some pretty significant price drops, including the mbeat® MB-PT-28 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable with Speakers for just $249.99 (Reg. $339).

Classic music could feel new again 

The solid metal platter dampens unwanted resonance, and you could hear your same old records without distortion using the adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force. The magnet cartridge is pre-fitted and already aligned, so you don’t have to do difficult precision work yourself. 

The mbeat® also has something that may be exciting to new and seasoned vinyl collectors: a way to make them last forever. Play and record vinyl directly to your PC(opens in a new tab), digitizing the sound as you heard it so no unfortunate accidents can ruin favorite albums.

Another way to preserve your music library 

Music is an experience, and you’ll have an authentic one playing 33/45 records on this Bluetooth turntable. During this Deal Days Sale ending October 12, get the mbeat® Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable with Speakers(opens in a new tab) for $249.99 (Reg. $339). That’s 26% off, with no coupon needed. 

Prices subject to change.

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