The Global Robotics-as-a-Service Market will Grow by about US$2BN in 2026!


The Global Robotics-as-a-service market is expected to reach US$2BN in 2026, says a report

Today we are living in a technology-driven world where AI has generated sweeping transformation across industries in the past couple of decades. No doubt, AI has become the most powerful tool for both large corporations generating significant data and small organizations that require processing the necessary work. This scenario has given rise to the global robotics-as-a-service market.

According to a report, the global robotics-as-a-service market size is predicted to enlarge by about US$2BN in 2026, accelerating at a CAGR of 18.12% between 2021 and 2026. Various factors can be considered including investments related to CAPEX from the industrial sector, revenue generated by vendors, GDP growth, and commodity price fluctuation among others to estimate the size of the market. RaaS market research report gives valuable insights on the post-COVID-19 impact on the market, which will assist companies in evaluating their business approaches. It covers robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) market segmentation by application (intralogistics, medical applications, surveillance and security, field robotics, and others). Also, we can find information on several market vendors.



Robotics-as-a-service is basically a cloud services unit that allows the seamless integration of robots and embedded devices into online and cloud computing environments. Customers and robotic enterprises both get benefits from robots as a service. Robots as a service permit businesses to reap the rewards of robotic process automation (RPA) by authorizing robotic gear and utilizing a cloud-based subscription service. The top advantage of using this technology is that it turns down the requirement for manual IT support while increasing the efficiency of robotic procedures. The deployment of Robotics-as-a-service in an organization is dependent on three factors: first, the use of proper tools to operate the robot as a service; second, determining the precise level of services needed by the company; and third, selecting a vendor to assist the robot as a service.

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