Small Dongle Brings the HDD Clicking Back To SSDs In Retro PCs – Slashdot

Longtime Slashdot reader root_42 writes: Remember the clicking sounds of spinning hard disks? One “problem” with retro computing is that we replace those disks with compact flash, SD cards or even SSDs. Those do not make any noises that you can hear under usual circumstances, which is partly nice because the computer becomes quieter, but also irritating because sometimes you can’t tell if the computer has crashed or is still working. This little device fixes that issue! It’s called the HDD Clicker and it’s a very unique little gadget. “An ATtiny and a few support components ride on a small PCB along with a piezoelectric speaker,” describes Hackaday. “The dongle connects to the hard drive activity light, which triggers a series of clicks from the speaker that sound remarkably like a hard drive heading seeking tracks.”

A demo of the device can be viewed at 7:09, with a full defragmentation at 13:11.

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