Here Are 3 Bitgert (BRISE) Facts Making Polygon and Polkadot Whales Accumulate $BRISE

The numbers on the Bitgert (BRISE) look promising for the next few months. BRISE has been performing well this year and is one of the coins that have made impressive growth in 2022. The Bitgert price has grown by 65% this year as of writing.

In the last few months, BRISE saw a growing number of investors from large coins buying the coin. Polygon and Polkadot whales are top among the investors buying Bitgert. In fact, Polygon and Polkadot whales have been accumulating Bitgert in the last few weeks.

This is mainly because Polkadot and Polygon whales are looking for more profitable coins. The Polygon and Polkadot coins have been plummeting in 2022, where investors have lost over 70% of the value of their holdings as of writing. Here are reasons why Polkadot and Polygon whales are now accumulating Bitgert coins today.

Bitgert Has Been Bullish

$BRISE is attracting a lot of investors because of its bullish nature this year. Being green when Polkadot and Polygon coins are bearish will definitely attract a lot of investors. The Bitgert coin still has a bullish outlook for the next few months and might end 2022 as the most explosive coin. So, the possibility of investors making good returns from Bitgert is very high. That’s why Polkadot and Polygon whales are accumulating it.

Bitgert Upcoming Products

Polkadot and Polygon whales have increased their BRISE holding in readiness for the upcoming Brise roadmap V2 products. There are game-changing products the Brise team is working on that will skyrocket $BRISE adoption. The Bitgert OS, the decentralized marketplaces, and Brise CEX are just some of the upcoming products attracting Polkadot and Polygon whales.

Bitgert Partnerships

The Brise team confirmed that 1000+ partnerships would be made in the next 12 months. In fact, some of these partnerships are already live on the Brise chain. They have been launching in the last few weeks. These partnerships are growing the adoption of the $BRISE. Polkadot and Polygon whales understand the impact these partnerships will have hence accumulating BRISE today.

Is Centcex (CENX) The Next Coin?

The Centcex coin might be the next destination for the Polkadot and Polygon whales. Already, the coin has started attracting the attention of big coins with its impressive price growth. The Centcex coin has been explosive in the past few months and is ranked as one of the most exciting coins of 2022. So, we are likely to see more Polkadot, and Polygon whales buy Centcex in the next few weeks.

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