This Coin Has Tremendous Growth Than Ethereum and Ripple


If you have been around the crypto industry, you must have come across this mooning coin. The Bitgert (BRISE) has been one of the most exciting crypto assets. This is evident from the massive adoption the Bitgert coin has enjoyed over the last few months and more so the whole of 2022.

In fact, looking at the Bitgert price performance says much about this crypto asset and the ability to outperform even the likes of Ethereum and Ripple. Just looking at how the Bitgert price has done against Ethereum and Ripple shows the potential this coin has.

The Bitgert data on the Coinmarketcap shows that for 2022, the $BRISE value has been surging. This is not the same with Ethereum and Ripple, which have been plummeting this year. This means BRISE has been more profitable than Ethereum and Ripple this year.

Crypto analysts believe that Bitgert BRISE will still perform better than Ethereum and Ripple even in the coming months. This prediction is based on the developments the Bitgert team has released and planning to release in the next few months compared to Ethereum and Ripple.

The biggest Ethereum development has been the merge, which was a success. But it didn’t have a positive effect on the Ethereum price. In fact, the Ethereum coin has been plummeting. What Ethereum has achieved with the merge is what Bitgert achieved with its BRC20 blockchain.

The Bitgert zero gas blockchain is faster and cheaper than Ethereum and Ripple blockchain. The Bitgert roadmap V2 delivery and the 1000+ partnerships coming up in the next 12 months are also making BRISE a better crypto asset than Ethereum and Ripple.

It is important to note that the Brise project offers better utility than Ripple. The launch of the Brise Paybrise is one of the products that will give Ripple a real problem. The bottom line is that Bitgert has tremendous growth than Ethereum and Ripple.


Centcex (CENX) Growth Has also Been Outstanding

Another coin that has been received by the crypto community in a big way is Centcex. The growing Centcex community and the explosive CENX price are some of the factors making Centcex super attractive.

The Centcex coin has the potential to become the next big thing. This is evident from the developments the Centcex team is undertaking in growing its ecosystem. Centcex is a high utility project with the potential to outperform even

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