How Decentraland and PrivaCrip Are Transforming The Metaverse Sector


A Metaverse is a form of digital interaction where users can connect and play games. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, Metaverse adoption grew massively. People trapped inside during each lockdown found an escape through the Metaverse. Because of this, numerous cryptocurrencies have adopted the Metaverse to cater to this market.

In this article, we will examine two cryptocurrencies that have transformed or are in the process of transforming the Metaverse, Decentraland (MANA) and PrivaCrip (PRCR). Decentraland (MANA) is one of the pioneers in the metaverse sector gaining users daily. PrivaCrip (PRCR) is a new cryptocurrency focusing on restoring privacy to the user.


Why PrivaCrip (PRCR)?


PrivaCrip (PRCR) has garnered lots of attention since its announcement. The crypto newcomer is one month away from its first presale stage, offering a generous 7% bonus for those who buy the token. Privacy has become a distant thought with major companies, leading to information leaks and hacks. It is the problem PrivaCrip was invented to solve.

PrivaCrip will host a security-enabled blockchain. It will enable PrivaCrip to become the world’s foremost versatile protection-powered blockchain. Additionally, PrivaCrip will open Web3 use cases in DeFi, digital identity, and private Metaverse apps for the blockchain.


As mentioned above, metaverse adoption has grown exponentially. 74% of US adults are joining or have considered joining the Metaverse. With the new privacy-preserving technology it has, PrivaCrip could upgrade the Metaverse for its users, leading to increased adoption.

With the Metaverse, user interaction is what drives success. PrivaCrip has a fast-growing community consisting of hub administrators, engineers, venture accomplices, representatives, and local individuals. As time goes on, the community will grow, enticing more people to join the versatile platform and subsequently, the Metaverse.


Upgrading The Metaverse – Decentraland (MANA)


Decentraland (MANA) has used the Metaverse and NFTs to create an inclusive platform that connects users around the world. Using the Ethereum blockchain to operate, Decentraland has quickly become one of the most popular Metaverse games in the market. Currently, there are over 300,000 monthly active users!

To create a more seamless experience for the user, Decentraland has launched the world’s first Metaverse ATM. Decentraland has joined forces with the Transak payment gateway to allow users to purchase MANA in the Metaverse easily.

Decentraland also hosts an NFT marketplace. From here, users can purchase plots of land or even accessorise their avatars with cool items! Over $370,000 has been traded on the platform so far.

Decentraland maintains popularity due to its relevance. Recently, The Gray Man, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, was released on Netflix and its popularity skyrocketed. In response, Decentraland created an event celebrating The Gray Man. Users navigate through a maze trying to achieve the best time to win wearables and other prizes.


To Summarise

The Metaverse is growing by the day. Pioneers like Decentraland have paved the way for other Metaverse platforms to shine in this sector. The constant flow of new technology will surely keep Decentraland at the top of the crypto market as it transforms the Metaverse sector.

PrivaCrip has the potential to shine in the Metaverse sector when it launches. The privacy-preserving technology that it provides could potentially take the Metaverse to the next level.


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