This folding wireless 3-in-1 charger is on sale for less than $50

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TL;DR: As of August 17, you can get the three-in-one MagStack charging station with a 20W adapter(opens in a new tab) for just $47.99 instead of $74.99 — that’s a 36% discount.

If you rely on three mobile devices throughout the day, you might feel pretty far out of luck if more than one of them starts dying. Plus, plugging them into outlets using multiple cables could clutter your workspace. Alternatively, you can power three devices at once(opens in a new tab) using one outlet with the MagStack, a foldable charging station. This three-in-one wireless charger can support your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro in a slim, portable package, and it’s on sale for $47.99 for a limited time.

One wireless charger for three devices 

The MagStack has three wireless charging spots that are compatible with a variety of devices. You can charge Qi-compatible Android or Apple phones and Bluetooth earbuds, phones using MagSafe cases, and more. You could even charge Apple Watches between Series 1 and 6. To charge your Apple Watch, lay it flat on the MagStack, or unfold the stand and loop your watch around to view the time as it powers up.

Additionally, the MagStack lets you enjoy content while your devices charge. This folding wireless charger can snap into a floating display stand, allowing you to browse social media or stream shows in landscape mode while your battery refills. If you like to fall asleep listening to a movie or show, prop the MagStack into floating mode and doze off without worrying about an empty battery when you wake up.

This power station could be an excellent choice if you regularly use multiple devices that are wireless charging compatible. Rather than carrying around a cable and adapter for each device, you can just pack the MagStack. It folds up neatly into a square measuring three inches long and wide and one inch thick, so it’ll likely fit in your pocket and should definitely fit in your work bag.

Save on a compact wireless charger 

Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods with the same device without wasting desk or nightstand space. Regularly $74, you can purchase the three-in-one MagStack charging station with a 20W adapter(opens in a new tab) for $47.99.

Prices subject to change.

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