Top 10 Crypto Mix Platforms Other than Tornado Cash to Use in 2022

Crypto mix platforms

Investors have to be extremely careful before choosing crypto mix platforms in these volatile time

The use of cryptocurrency mixers has been a unique topic for discussion since the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Generally, crypto mix platforms specifically focus on one step, which is privacy. Crypto mixers are also denoted as crypto tumblers that provide anonymity to the sender or receiver of the transaction. This not only helps protect the identity of individuals who wish to remain completely anonymous but also makes their wallet addresses completely untraceable. The concept seems shady, which is why some of the top crypto mix platforms in the world have experienced severe scrutiny and regulatory crackdowns. Presently, amid the adverse conditions of the crypto market, investors are becoming more skeptical about the concept of cryptocurrency mixers after Tornado Cash was accused of laundering around US$7 billion via the crypto market, and has been blacklisted by the US Treasury. Even though the popularity of crypto assets denotes that digital assets are here to stay, the rising number of scams and attacks indicate that investors ought to be careful before treading into the decentralized market. Here are the top crypto mix platforms that offer similar services to Tornado Cash but can be used in 2022. is a user-friendly and secure platform for new crypto investors. It is one of the best crypto mix platforms in the market, it enables users to handle operations even without possessing technical knowledge, besides, its user interface is quite easy to handle and interact upon. facilitates a service fee between 0.5% to 2.5%, where each user will be entitled to choose the amount that is to be paid for each transaction.



Unijoin is a mixing service that leverages the CoinJoin technology to mix transactions with others in the pool. Currently, it only supports Bitcoin transactions, but further plans to integrate Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether mixing services into its platforms. One of the primary features of the platform is its usability. The platform is quite easy to use for beginners, as well.



ChipMixer is one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency mixers that gives users complete control of the mixing process and does not even change service fees! It also offers the capability to save mixing sessions and pick up where they might have left. ChipMixer also facilitates a variety of chip sizes ranging from 0.001 BTC up to 4.096 BTC tokens, enabling users to place bets using the provided chips.



FoxMixer is a popular and reliable Bitcoin tumbler service that provides a user-friendly interface and high-quality mixing services for complete anonymity. The platform also ensures no trace-backs by deleting all the transaction logs within 24 hours after completion of the transaction.



Anonymix is another popular crypto mixer that offers tons of features and is quite beginner-friendly. The best part of Anonymix is that it comes with speed and security. It is a high-capacity mixer that holds crypto assets in both hot and cold storage. The mix can handle over 180 BTC tokens at one time. The platform can also increase the security of the mix by making deposits from multiple wallets.



Ultramixer is one of the top crypto mix platforms that offer a high degree of confidentiality by using a mix of Bitcoin addresses for transactions. The system provides a fast and reliable transaction and charges a very small amount of commission after the payment has been confirmed.



MixTum makes the process of crypto assets quite easy and convenient for clients. The system would need one confirmation of the transaction, after which new clean coins are sent to the specified wallet. Users can also control latency for processing their transactions. MixTum is basically an offshore service, and its sites are also located offshore.


Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry is another popular Bitcoin mixer that offers competitive fees and a high degree of anonymity. It supports over 10 different payout addresses and gives the option of manually deleting logs permanently and instantly, before 7 days of completion of the transactions.


Mixer. money

Mixer. money is a Bitcoin blender that splits the funds received from each user into smaller parts and mixes them with funds from other clients. The platform deploys two blending algorithms and deletes almost all data regarding transactions, within a period of 48 hours. Besides, the service does not require any user registration, enabling enhanced security and protection of personal information.


Mixer Tumbler

Mixer Tumbler is one of the best crypto mixers that enables users to send tokens anonymously. It uses several cryptocurrency mixing pools for both, low and high-value transactions. As a result of these features, the investors will get untraceable coins.

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