You Can Buy Solana, But Bitgert Might Make You Bigger Profits – Reasons


Key Insights:

  • Bitgert zero gas fee chain is one of the reasons why $BRISE will do better than Solana $SOL
  • Bitgert ecosystem will be growing faster than Solana
  • More disruptive projects and products are coming on the Bitgert chain than Solana

The search for the best crypto coin for this third quarter of 2022 is picking up fast. With the market now showing a bullish trend, Bitgert tops among the coins doing very well today. Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the coins that the crypto community says will post the biggest price growth.

Crypto experts have said that Bitgert might offer better profits than Solana. Though Solana is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, its growth has been overtaken by Bitgert. This is looking at the developments that Bitgert is working on their disruptiveness. Here are reasons why buying Bitgert today might be the best decision even Solana investors could make today:

Bitgert Blockchain Adoption

Bitgert chain adoption will be better than Solana. This is looking at how Solana and Bitgert chains have been adopted in the last few months. Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has been leading Solana in adoption, and this is projected to continue. This is because the Bitgert gas fee is still lower than Solana, and the transaction speed is faster than the Solana chain. Therefore, Bitgert adoption rate is still going to be bigger than the Solana chain, hence better price performance than Solana.

Bitgert Ecosystem

Another thing that will make Bitgert price perform better than Solana is ecosystem growth. The Bitgert ecosystem growth is going to be faster and better than Solana. The Bitgert team has a huge number of products and projects joining the chain this year. This month, tens of Bitgert backed projects will be joining the chain. Solana has not announced the launch of such products.

Bitgert Highly Disruptive Products

The Bitgert team is developing some of the most disruptive products. The adoption of these products has been high, and this is one of the reasons Bitgert is doing better than Solana. The Bitgert roadmap V2 products will be some of the most disruptive. The decentralized marketplaces are some of the products that will make BRISE do well than Solana.

Though Solana products like the Solana mobile phone and the many Solana DeFi products might make Solana coin do better, there is a high chance that Bitgert will post a better price growth.

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