Top 10 Innovative Cybersecurity Startups to Look for in 2022


The more we become vulnerable to privacy attacks, the more we require cybersecurity solutions

In a digitally hyperconnected world, our increasing reliance on the internet means lots of potential new problems- chief among them malicious cyber attacks that can lock us out of our computers, hold ransom our most sensitive files or even siphon our bank accounts. The greater the number of new technologies and platforms we use to conduct our digital (and, sometimes, physical) lives- from smartphone apps to cloud computing software to pacemakers- the more we become vulnerable to privacy attacks. And it’s hard to predict where these attacks will come from. This article lists the top 10 innovative cybersecurity startups to look for in 2022.


Evervault works towards attaining a goal of zero data breaches by removing the crypto lag and encrypting the web and the data. Evervault is a tech company that develops encryption engines and makes it easier to encrypt and process sensitive data. The company ensures that hackers and even Evervault itself other than the company cannot access the encrypted data. It creates a safe environment for data flow and promises a low latency service with automatic scaling. By not touching the plaintext data, Evervault provides lesser compliance risk and better security features.

Exploit Hunters India

Exploit Hunters India, formerly known as Aristi Labs is a cybersecurity startup that specializes in offering security solutions to protect data and intellectual property in business organizations. Securing, best defined as the core product of the company, provides security information. The product also works as an event management platform (SIEM) to aid businesses to detect threats and attacks.


Galvanize, former ACL services, has amalgamated with Rsam to become Galvanise which is now a software company that is privately owned. The company specializes in building security, compliance, audit software, and risk management. The company is known for its giant step taken toward the GRC industry. the galvanization of ACL’s analyst-recognized security management and Rsam’s dynamic flexibility and universal IT system integration, deliver incredibly integrated governance solutions. These solutions are the ones that generate meaningful insights from data that trigger innovative strategies that transform organizations and enterprises for good.

Fraud Cracker

Fraud Cracker offers to identify and prevent business fraud through digital solutions. They do this by creating a specialized website for the particular customer, hosted independently by Fraud Cracker and branded with the customer’s company name. The service enables employees to report fraud and mention any fraudulent activity by being anonymous on this website. Fraud cracker acts as an intermediary for the smooth conversation between the company authorities and employees. It uses anonymous chat technology and secret employee incentives to flag fraud and corruption happening in a company. Fraud Cracker allows a system where the reporter o the fraud is not victimized and this affordable solution aids companies in legal compliance. 


Intending to make the internet a safe space, HackerOne is a group of hackers and security professionals working with hacker-powered security. They enable companies to secure their attack surfaces and ensure compliance. With the HackerOne platform, organizations can find and fix the security vulnerabilities before an attack and continuously check the app developments and secure applications. The company works with different organizations spanning various industries like financial services, retail and eCommerce, Government sectors, and more. Lufthansa, Uber, Spotify, Goldman Sachs, WordPress, Twitter, HBO, and the US Department of Defence are some of HackerOne’s customers.


Haldos is an IT cybersecurity company that provides web application firewall and DDoS protection to online businesses. An offspring of AKS Information Technology Service Pvt. Ltd, Haldos is the world’s first integrated WAF & DDoS mitigation solution that detects, mitigates, and monitors network applications on a continuous basis to protect from DDoS attacks. The company envisions simplifying security so businesses can focus on changing the world.

Havoc Shield

Havoc shield provides best-in-class business cybersecurity solutions and remote cybersecurity policies. Some of their security features are rapid threat tests, threat watches, companywide dashboards, InfoSec policy generators, compliance trails, lookalike domain scans, and live incident help. Havoc shield offers assistance in discussing unique enterprise-grade SLAs to enable companies to comply with contractual obligations if any. The company also offers unique and customized cybersecurity solutions and compliance according to the issues faced.

Herjavec Group

Herjavec Group provides different cybersecurity services to enterprise organizations and supports the world’s most complex infrastructures. Their services include security assessment and testing, advisory survivors, managed services, PCI compliance, technology architecture and implementation, incident response, and more. Herjavec Group is a best-certified partner with several leading technology providers like McAfee, Crowdstrike, Palo Alto Networks, etc. The company provides complete security and network acceleration services and has a global presence across the US, UK, and Canada.


Illumio provides a security-segmentation platform that prevents security breaches over data center endpoints, cloud, virtual machines, and containers. The company identified the need for ensuring segmentation from the endpoints to the data centers, after the potential rise of hybrid and active data centers. The Illumio Core offers complete visibility into the complex application environment through a map and enables users to create East-West segmentation policies. Illumio edge prevents lateral movements of ransomware across the endpoints. Illumio promises easier, faster, and safer segmentation that can be controlled round the clock. Salesforce, Yamaha, Cathay Pacific, and BMC are some of their customers.


Immuta allows businesses from diverse industries to harness the capabilities of data without losing data privacy and security. By enabling DataOps teams and Data Engineers to automate data governance, the startup offers maximum security, secure data access, and privacy protection for the cloud-based analytics infrastructures. Their core capabilities include sensitive data discovery, active data catalog, data access control, dynamic data masking, and auditing and reporting, Immuta provides a scalable implementation of security strategies in the cloud, on-premise, and hybrid infrastructures with easy-to-integrate architectures. Immuta successfully works with different data analytics platformsaidsIntending to such as Databricks, Microsoft Azure, Presto, and more.

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