Here Are 4 Bitgert Developments Making Shiba Inu Community Excited

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Key Points

  • The expansive Bitgert ecosystem is attracting more Shiba Inu holders
  • The Zero gas fee BRC20 chain has dominated Shiba Inu for a long time now
  • The Bitgert decentralized marketplaces to skyrocket the BRISE coin
  • Some of the 1000+ Start-up studio projects are launching soon

Since its launch, Bitgert has been on a progressive growth trend, with more and more people joining the Bitgert community, including Shiba Inu holders. It has been observed that Bitgert will post even higher growth this month.

The projected Bitgert growth and development is one of the reasons why Shiba Inu holders are accumulating Bitgert. The performance that Bitgert has exhibited so far is bullish compared to Shiba Inu, and this has been made possible by the following:

Bitgert Fast-growing Ecosystem

Since its inception, Bitgert has been on a fast speed in enhancing and growing its ecosystem. It has released more products than competitors such as Shiba Inu. Today, Brise takes pride in the successful completion of roadmap V1 delivery which ushered cardinal products like BRC20. $Shiba project is still behind in roadmap delivery. It becomes even more interesting for Shiba Inu holders to note that Bitgert roadmap V2 is already underway.

Zero Gas Fee BRC20 Chain

Shiba Inu holders have always yearned for the zero gas fee chain that Bitgert BRC20 blockchain users are enjoying. Today, Bitgert ranks among the very few cryptocurrencies with the lowest gas fee in history. Aside from that, Bitgert offers the highest speeds of up to 100K TPS, which is way above what Shiba Inu mainnet offers.

Bitgert Decentralized Marketplace

Another solid reason why Shiba Inu holders love Bitgert is the announced launch of the Brise decentralized marketplaces. This development has been viewed as a major factor that will grow Bitgert demand and price. Shiba Inu may lag even far behind Bitgert following the launch of the decentralized marketplace. Unlike Shiba Inu, Bitgert users will be able to purchase different products using $BRISE through the decentralized marketplace.

Bitgert 1000+ Startup Studio Projects

Bitgert is also getting better following the launch of some of the 1000+ projects under the startup studio program. These Bitgert backed projects will amplify the Bitgert price exponentially due to their mass adoption.

Since Centcex collaborated with BRISE, the Bitgert ecosystem has evidently grown to accommodate a lot of products. Centcex has therefore influenced the price growth of BRISE over the few months, and this is bound to continue in the future.

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