Don’t Be Left Behind! Invest In Gnox (GNOX), Near Protocol (NEAR), Bitcoin (BTC) And Shiba Inu (SHIB) Today


If you’re a huge fan of Bitcoin, Near Protocol, or Shiba Inu — all potential passive income-producing assets — don’t be disappointed when I tell you not to invest in those assets and not to stake them for passive income. I’m not saying you shouldn’t own them or earn passive income on these high conviction plays. You should! I’m just saying you shouldn’t buy them directly. Hold that thought.

Diversifying your portfolio with high conviction plays such as NEAR, BTC, and SHIB is key to long-term investing success. That way if one of them doesn’t pan out the way you had hoped (ehem, LUNA), you still have plenty more investments that could be kicking butt for you. 

However, diversification isn’t easy. It’s quite a lot of work to do it right. It takes a lot of research time and asset management time to be done properly. Moreover, if you’re buying several crypto assets and you want to stake them all on DeFi platforms for passive income that complicates matters further. Now you’ll need even more time and better risk management skills. Not to mention a better accountant.

GNOX — Diversification + Passive Income 

The thing about GNOX is that all you have to do to be interested in a treasury of diversified crypto assets — and to earn passive income on every one of them — is to simply buy and hold the GNOX token. The rest of the work is done by a team of qualified DeFi experts who analyze data scores of DeFi platforms across several blockchains and then present the data to GNOX holders with their recommendations. They can vote on it or just leave it up to the pros.

GNOX is a treasury-backed token. That means the token represents ownership in the treasury. The treasury is funded by a 10% royalty on all aftermarket sales of the GNOX token. That means any time anyone buys GNOX, the treasury grows. It doesn’t matter which direction the market is headed. If people are bailing out, the treasury grows. If people are aping in, the treasury grows. And as it grows, it produces more and more and more passive income for hodlers. 

As you might guess, the encourages early adoption and long-term holding while discouraging day traders and swing traders from creating excess volatility. 

Also, 1% (10% of the royalty) is airdropped back to GNOX holders once every hour. You can literally hold your crypto wallet in your hand and watch your balance go up throughout the day.

By making it so easy to invest in crypto and to earn passive income (not to mention simplidied tax reporting) so gosh darned easy, GNOX has a serious shot at attaining mass adoption. It could easily provide the earliest investors with 100X returns in the coming decades. 

However, GNOX token isn’t yet available on Exchanges. So how do you become an early investor when you can’t pop onto Uniswap or Binance and buy the token?

Gnox is currently holding a private presale with a limited supply of tokens. Once the presale is over, all unsold tokens will be burned which could greatly amp up the price before it hits exchanges. 

To get in on GNOX early, and to invest in a diversified crypto portfolio of passive income-producing assets just visit the website. While you’re there, check out the innovative whitepaper that explains all of the detail.

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