Top 10 Weird Places to Hide Your Crypto Wallet Seed Phrase

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Hide your crypto wallet seed phrase inside some of the weirdest places to maintain security

One of the basic principles that cryptocurrency investors should follow is to securely store the passwords and ensure that they are not stolen! Basically, a crypto wallet seed phrase is the key to unlocking and recovering cryptocurrency; a seed phrase should always be secured. Now that the prices of almost all digital assets are low, more and more investors are trying to join the market. Hence, it might be time for a crypto security cleanup. Enabling robust crypto security must start with ensuring that the recovery seed phrase is kept in an exceptionally secure place, or somewhere that nobody can guess. Storing a crypto wallet seed phrase online might have its advantages since investors would not have to worry about causing physical damage or losing it, but while these benefits seem alluring, it also comes at a great cost. Here we have enlisted some of the best seed phrase storage places which are weird but quite safe!

At the bottom of a ground coffee container

Well, we all have coffee at home, but investors can use it to hide the seed phrase. They can use the container of ground coffee as a simple solution to hide their crypto wallet seed phrase. Write the seed phrase on paper and place it in a zipper storage bag and hide it in the bottom of the canister. The smaller the paper the better. Also, make sure that a non-transparent container is being used.

Use the frame of a poster or painting

This method might not work with all kinds of frames, but it can be a great way of concealing a recovery backup if there is enough space between the picture and the frame. Thieves might look behind pictures on the wall, but theoretically, they won’t remove the whole frame to check whether or not there is a little piece of paper underneath. Also, experts suggest never taking photos of the recovery seed, and making sure that there are no cameras that could see the seed words.

In a hidden locker

A locker that is in plain sight literally fails to accomplish its main purpose of hiding valuables. A safe in plain sight will always attract the attention of thieves, hence, build a safe that’s actually hidden and store the recovery phrase inside it. You can also use the smallest and the most unpredictable objects like hair brushes to store your seed phrase.

Buried in the backyard

For every household, backyard, and attic store the craziest family secrets, well now, you can use this to store your precious recovery passwords. Put it inside a stainless box or a plastic container that can be properly sealed and designed to be completely resistant to the underground environment. Experts also suggest using a steel crypto wallet instead of paper inside the container.


A birdhouse would definitely look good if you have a garden or balcony on your property. You can seal its entrances and use it as a hiding place for your crypto wallet seed phrase. One only needs to undertake provisions to ensure it is resistant to rain and storms.

Stick it below the bathtub

Use a waterproof container and store your seed phrase inside it, make sure your bathtub is not leaking. Stick the container below the bathtub and you are set!

ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal

ELLIPAL is the premium backup tool for recovery phrases. If you are looking for something more robust, that can withstand all environmental hazards, this might be a great option for that. It is one of the most usable seed phrase backup tools that you can use right now.

Inside your shoes

The sole and tongue of a shoe might act as the most viable and unexpected storage space for your crypto wallet seed phrase. There are also several shoes or storage insoles available for purchase on the internet. You can go down to Youtube and look for your own modified pair.


Lamps do not always fall outside immediate suspicion for storage secrecy. But they are easy to stash for something the size of a crypto wallet seed phrase. If you choose to store it inside a lamp, wrap it up tightly, to ensure that there is no damage from the heat of the bulb inside.

Beneath the carpet

It is a good option to hide private keys beneath a carpet or a rug, but you can also hide your crypto wallet seed phrase beneath it. For some extra security and protection, use tape at the edges of the base of the carpet, so that it does not move and your secret password isn’t revealed!

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