Bitgert Price To Reach $0.000001 As Safemoon Remains Bearish This Month


Key Points

  • Bitgert ecosystem complements BRISE performance than Safemoon
  • Zero gas Fee on all Bitgert transactions as compared to high Safemoon rates
  • The USDT/USDC Bridge has increased demand and price for Bitgert

Even with all the Safemoon hype, it looks like the Safemoon price performance might still trail Bitgert even this August. This is why Safemoon investors have continued to accumulate Bitgert in the few days and Safemoon SFM. It is projected that the Safemoon more community members will be buying Bitgert this month.

 Bitgert (BRISE) is set to grow its price by 10x this month from the current $0.0000004112 to $0.000001, which will be one of the greatest price jumps. Safemoon is projected to be on a low growth rate where the current $0.0004059 price might double 0.0008 if the market remains bullish. This makes Bitgert a more bullish altcoin while Safemoon is a distance away in price growth.

Bitgert has so far made a mark as one of the fastest expanding crypto ecosystems. The Bitgert ecosystem has been on a fast-growing trend, which is expected to continue this month and beyond. Bitgert is already set to launch the Top 5 Altcoin Bridge Mainnet this week, which will directly inject more demand for Bitgert coin than Safemoon.

Unlike Safemoon, Bitgert is already in roadmap V2 delivery after the successful completion of Bitgert roadmap V1. This keeps Safemoon behind, as BRISE makes an integral mark in the crypto market. The fact that Bitgert was able to establish and adopt its own Blockchain is reason enough for Safemoon to face stiff competition against BRISE.

Safemoon is still on the Binance smart chain, which is generally a limitation to growth as compared to Bitgert. Safemoon investors are now more interested in buying Bitgert to enjoy the zero gas fee on all transactions. Safemoon offers a high and unstable gas fee; hence not the best for Safemoon investors.

USDT/USDC bridge has played a significant role in luring Safemoon holders to the Bitgert community. With the USDT/USDC bridge in the Bitgert utility, investors in other BRC20-supported chains can join Bitgert (BRISE) and enjoy the growing Bitgert price, zero gas fee, and high transaction speeds of up to 100K TPS.

It will take longer for Safemoon to make such developments. In fact, the bearish status of Safemoon is based on limited elements that Bitgert already has. When Bitgert and Centcex collaborated, a stronger competition against Safemoon was brought out.

With the help of the said collaboration, the Bitgert ecosystem has grown significantly more than Safemoon. Centcex has contributed to the introduction of new products that give Bitgert an upper hand over Safemoon.

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