Top 10 Free Online Metric Conversion Calculator Websites

Many people struggle with the infamous unit conversion problem. Today, online calculators and unit conversions come in handy. With the use of online unit converters, the old rule of 1,000,000 headaches Equals 1 mega-headache has been replaced. Ten of them are listed here. Many people struggle with the infamous unit conversion problem. Sometimes it’s reversible with a simple eraser, other times it could cost a million dollars. The fact that one launch crew employed metric units while the other used US customary units for a computation led to NASA’s 1999 loss of the $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter.

It’s important stuff, and competing measuring methods between the US and UK for years served as a source of national pride. Thanks to this, the SI became the accepted measurement system. It was only my schoolwork and the hassle of getting my pounds and pints correct for me. It seemed so much simpler to use kilograms and litres (or is it litres?). Today, online metric conversion calculators and unit measurement conversion come in handy. With the use of online unit converters, the old rule of 1,000,000 headaches Equals 1 mega-headache has been replaced.

Ten of them are listed below.


An all-in-one unit converter has an unusual name. The free online tool includes all the frequent conversions you could need in your everyday life, including some that are simply mathematical and others (like cooking and garment size) that are utilitarian. Another helpful tool that provides you with currency conversions with a reasonable level of real-time precision is exchange rate calculators.


The free online converter supports converting between units for temperature, volume, distance, weight, area, date, time, and speed. With big symbols and bulleted units that you may choose from for your immediate converting needs, the interface is incredibly user-friendly.

Convert Center:

The range of conversion choices on this website can be used by engineering students as well as by others. The scientifically inclined will be interested in unit measurement conversions of molar mass or frequency wavelength. You might be more curious to know how many gallons the gasoline conversion tool can convert to a litre.

Convert World: ramps things up with a few extra choices, including a language converter, absorbed dosage tool, TV and display size converter and wind speed converter. You may examine the converters by choosing one of the 28 available languages.

Conversion Tool:

The only metrics supported by this attractive conversion tool are length, temperature, and weight. But if you want to rapidly equalize how Americans and Britons pronounce anything, this straightforward tool should do the trick. Enter the amount, choose the unit, and the corresponding measurement on the alternative scale will appear.

Online Conversion:

Another straightforward website that offers free online unit converters is, which contains approximately 5,000 unit-specific conversion calculators and 50,000 metric conversions. On the landing page, they are categorised. Check out the Miscellaneous category for measuring tools for typography, GPA, wind chill, blood alcohol level, cholesterol, blood sugar, and other conversion calculators.

This is indeed one of the best converter and calculator sites. Among the huge calculations of free calculators, this site offers its users free to use thousands of free online unit conversion calculators. What a blast!!! It’s just amazing on its own. Because of the exact conversion made on this tech site, it has millions of trusted users around the globe.

Unit Converters:

In terms of its user interface, Unit Converters is another straightforward website. Otherwise, the internet site is stuffed with scientific and engineering unit conversions, from basic ones like chemistry and physics to more complex ones like radiography and magnetism.

Metric Conversions:

Not because it has a special metric conversion calculator, but because is the only one you may find that allows you to download “cheat sheets” with conversion tables in printable forms. Despite the availability of one-click internet tools, paper files may still be useful as a reference.

Converter Firefox Add-On:

A helpful Firefox extension called Converter integrates neatly with whatever statistics you could have on the website. The clever add-on bar, where a single click changes all measures on the website, or the right-click menu (choose a figure and right-click to view the alternatives), both work for this. By selecting the icon on the add-on bar with the right click and inputting your measurement data, you can also build up a custom conversion.


Of course, if you are a seasoned Google user, you can just perform some simple unit conversions and computations using the Google search box. Even the potent Wolfram Alpha engine is available for usage. However, these web tools provide you with more choices. The ten tools each bring something fresh to the table. Have another free online unit conversion calculator web application to share with the list? If yes, then please go for it and enhance our knowledge too.