Is Bitgert (BRISE) The Coin That Will Kill Avalanche (AVAX)? Yes. This Is Why


Key Highlights:

  • The Bitgert project is increasingly edging out Avalanche as one of the best EVM networks in the industry
  • Bitgert BRC20 blockchain zero gas fee is even attracting Avalanche holders this year.
  • With so many developments coming up, Bitgert is expected to grow faster and bigger than Avalanche

The Avalanche team has been working on making the Avalanche network more competitive. With Avalanche being the fastest smart contract, it has attracted a lot of attention as one of the best EVM networks. However, Avalanche faces tough competition from the fast-mooning Bitgert (BRISE) project, which is threatening to overtake it.

Bitgert is also an EVM chain and has been doing very well in the market over the past 12 months. In fact, Bitgert is just 12 months old. Crypto experts say that Bitgert has the potential to kill Avalanche, and here are some of the reasons they have shared:

Bitgert Has Its Own Blockchain

One of the things that Bitgert has done in the past 12 months is to build its own blockchain. This is something Avalanche is yet to do. Bitgert has the BRC20 blockchain, which is also a zero gas fee chain and the fastest chain. It is faster than Avalanche, and the gas fee is also lower than what Avalanche offers. Therefore, if the Avalanche team does not build a more powerful Avalanche blockchain than Bitgert, then the Avalanche coin will be outperformed by $BRISE.

Fast-Growing DeFi Ecosystem

The Bitgert team is building the Brise ecosystem fast, looking at the developments that have taken place in the past 12 months. It is doing better than Avalanche. But it is the fast-growing Bitgert DeFi ecosystem that is threatening to kill the Avalanche project. Bitgert DeFi is growing faster than Avalanche DeFi. This can be seen in the Bitgert TVL compared to Avalanche TVL.

Bitgert Chain Growing Utility

The other thing about Bitgert that might kill Avalanche is the fastest-growing Bitgert project utility. The Bitgert team is releasing high utility products and projects than Avalanche. The bridges and the huge number of roadmap V2 products as well as 1000+ Startup Studio projects are projected to grow Bitgert utility bigger and faster than Avalanche.

Centcex Partnership

The Bitgert partnering with the Centcex project is another move that might kill Avalanche. It means the Bitgert ecosystem will grow faster than Avalanche as the Centcex team builds more products for the Bitgert chain.

So these are the reason why Avalanche might be killed by Bitgert in the next few months. The Avalanche team will need to deliver more Avalanche growth and development to compete with Bitgert.

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