Avalanche (AVAX) and Bitgert (BRISE): Price Prediction This July


Key Insights:

  • Avalanche (AVAX) still has a bearish outlook with the Fed rates upward adjustment expected to plummet the price.
  • By the end of July, Avalanche (AVAX) might have made an impressive recovery
  • Bitgert (BRISE) has the potential to maintain a stable price in a bear run but might end the month on a bullish explosion

Avalanche (AVAX) and Bitgert (BRISE) are among the crypto coins to watch in 2022. The huge potential these coins have makes them quite attractive to crypto investors. But how will Avalanche and Bitgert fair in the market this July?

Well, the July price prediction for the Avalanche (AVAX) and Bitgert (BRISE) looks good. In fact, both coins are expected to end the month on a high. Here are facts you might need to know: 

Bitgert (BRISE)

The Bitgert project is among the coins doing pretty well this month despite the price drop experienced today. The Bitgert price was $0.0000004059 after declining 5% for the past 24 hours of this writing. But the crypto community is bullish about Bitgert, and the price prediction shows that Bitgert might explode this July.

The Bitgert price prediction for this month is $0.000001. Bitgert is projected to kill one zero by the end of July. The bullish Bitgert growth will be driven by the mass adoption of the Bitgert products and projects that the Bitgert team has released and launching this month.

The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain adoption is expected to continue this July. In fact, the Bitgert chain is the biggest driver for a bullish Bitgert coin. The Bitgert roadmap V2, which has disruptive products like Bitgert Paybrise, Bitgert CEX, Bitgert NFT and a range of Bitgert decentralized products, is also growing Bitgert hype.

There are also many Bitgert-backed projects launching this July. These are developments that will skyrocket Bitgert price to $0.000001.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is trading at $18.51 after dropping 5% in the last 24 hours of this writing. Avalanche is projected to do well this month. Though the Avalanche price might plunge after Fed hiked rates, the Avalanche price might hit $25, crashing past the current $21 Avalanche resistance level.

Avalanche price will greatly be driven by the bullish market. The crypto market is expected to recover by the third week of July, and this is when Avalanche will skyrocket. However, the Avalanche team is still working on developments that will grow the Avalanche coin bigger.

Avalanche ecosystem growth, including Avalanche DeFi, is also expected to grow Avalanche price better this month. So Avalanche price might fall in the next one week to around $10, but we are likely to see Avalanche skyrocket to $25.

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