ITDN Enhances Tourism With Tripto Platform

The International Tourism Development Network (ITDN) releases Tripto, an exclusive tourism industry platform based on its own Tripto token. The platform wants to solve the main challenges of financial transactions in the tourism industry.

The Tripto blockchain-based platform increases the use of blockchain technology in the tourism industry. The platform’s primary purpose is to offer cryptocurrency in the tourism industry to facilitate secure and easy payments.

About the Tripto project

The Tripto project is owned by ITDN, which has been legally registered in the UK after receiving the necessary permits. The Tripto project, unlike many blockchain projects, is not affiliated with individuals.

When developing the Tripto project, the team examined the consistent participation of tourism and the role of Bitcoin in the global economy. Taking tourism’s contribution to GDP into account, the team discovered that its direct effect on economic growth equals 3.8 percent of total global occupation.

Tripto was created to cover more directions:

  • the establishment of an intelligent network and the usage of exclusive cryptocurrency (Tripto) to facilitate financial exchanges related to the tourism industry
  • providing discount cards (Trip Card) for use in hotels connected to the ITDN network
  • launching and developing Trip App 

Trip App is created for:

  • online booking rooms from hotels connected to the ITDN network
  • online booking flight tickets from airlines connected to the ITDN network (payment with Tripto)
  • the project is not dependent on individuals 

Features offered by Tripto platform

Tripto solves the main challenges of financial transactions in the tourism industry and eliminates the SWIFT network’s complex and expensive dependencies. The Tripto platform aims to be known and available as much as possible to all tourists and tourism industry activists worldwide.

The creators believe that Tripto can solve many famous problems in the tourism and travel industry. For example, the problem is that data doesn’t flow freely.

With blockchain technology comes the Tripto platform that can facilitate communication between the parties, eliminating the problem of losing passenger luggage, delays, increased costs, and more. 


With the following benefits of the platform:

  • eliminate intermediaries and reduce travel costs
  • eliminate booking beyond capacity
  • eliminate money transfer and foreign exchange
  • eliminate scamming with counterfeit money and fictive transactions
  • eliminate allocating loyalty rewards without restrictions on choice

The Tripto team’s vision 

As they have seen in the past, many blockchain projects had teams with specific individuals. Also, they failed due to the severance of the individual from the project.

By learning from these projects, they have concluded that they should not limit the development team to individuals and always use the best in their team. Therefore, the team will constantly upgrade the project and update its information on the company’s website. 

While some global tourism organizations have facilitated tourist attraction with the help of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, the lack of a unique and exclusive currency is increasingly felt in the international tourism industry. Experts believe that many of the world’s financial transactions will soon occur through digital currencies.

More details about future updates of the project and other information can be found on the official International Tourism Development Network website.

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