Ethereum Surges but Still Below $1,200, As Bitgert Pushes for a Bull Run

Roadmap V2

Key Highlights:

  • Ethereum 2.0 launch is the force driving the hype right now
  • Upcoming Ethereum merge is driving Ethereum price surge
  • Bitgert outlook is increasingly becoming bullish
  • Bitgert community is waiting for the roadmap V2 products

The past few days have seen the crypto market grow more bullish, and Ethereum and Bitgert are the coins that have done well. Ethereum has risen from below $1k and is now heading to $1,200. On the other hand, Bitgert has been doing well.

At the time of this writing, Bitgert had increased 15% in the past 24 hours to trade at $0.0000004229. Ethereum was trading at $1,167.28, having increased 3.2% during the same period. Therefore, Bitgert has been bullish and doing better than Ethereum.

Bitgert outperforming Ethereum today is not a surprise. The Bitgert project has been outperforming Ethereum and many other large cryptocurrencies in 2022. In fact, Bitgert is currently ranked among the biggest Ethereum competitors. This is because of the powerful Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, which has been said to be superior to Ethereum.

Bitgert blockchain is superior to the Ethereum chain in terms of scaling and gas fees. The Bitgert chain has zero gas fee and throughput of 100k TPS. This is when Ethereum is struggling with skyrocketing gas fees. The Bitgert chain is the biggest reason Bitgert coin is doing well today. The mass adoption that this Bitgert blockchain is posting is one of the reasons why the coin is doing well today.

But there is more that is pushing Bitgert into a bull run. The Bitgert roadmap V2 and the pace at which the Bitgert team is building these Bitgert products in this roadmap is attracting a lot of investors. In addition, Bitgert-backed projects are growing the popularity of the Bitgert project. With these developments, Bitgert has everything to explode this year.  

Ethereum, on the other hand, is working on improving the performance of the Ethereum chain. That’s why the team is building the Ethereum 2.0 chain. The Ethereum 2.0 chain is projected to have a 100k TPS, and the gas fee will be lower. This means Ethereum is looking forward to a massive adoption immediately after the merge is successfully executed.

So Ethereum 2.0 and the widely hyped Ethereum merge are two major factors driving the current Ethereum price surge. We are likely to see the Ethereum price push past $1,200 this week.

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