Polygon Matic Has To Do This To Beat Bitgert (BRISE) Performance


Key Points:

  • Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain is a threat to Polygon Matic
  • Polygon Matic ecosystem growth needs to increase
  • Bitgert disruptive products are giving it an edge in the market

Polygon Matic has been dealing with massive pressure from the upcoming crypto projects, especially the EVM-based projects. Among the many projects that are currently a growing concern for the Polygon project is the Bitgert (BRISE). Crypto experts say Bitgert has the potential to surpass the Polygon Matic marketcap.

The Polygon Matic team will need to beat the Bitgert competition for the project to post significant growth. The best way is to do better than Bitgert. These are just some of the Bitgert developments that Polygon will need to catch up with:

Build A Zero Gas Fee Blockchain

One of the major things that Polygon Matic will need to do is build its own blockchain. This is one of the biggest developments that have made Bitgert stand out from Polygon Matic. If Polygon is able to compete with Bitgert, then the team must build a zero gas fee blockchain.

Bitgert’s gas fee is $0.00000001, which is why Bitgert is being referred to as the first gasless chain. Any crypto project that wants to compete with Bitgert must have a chain with a gas fee lower than this. In addition to that, the Polygon Matic chain must be faster than Bitgert’s 100k TPS.

Build Fastest-Growing Ecosystem

The Polygon Matic team will also need to beat Bitgert as the fastest-growing ecosystem. This is one of the biggest reasons why Bitgert is doing well. The Bitgert ecosystem has been the fastest growing. In fact, the Bitgert team is developing products and projects faster, which is growing the ecosystem faster. The Polygon Matic team must increase its pace of developing products. The pace of adding products to the network will also need to increase.

Increase Network Utility

One thing that the Bitgert team has done is increase the Bitgert chain utility. There are so many products that the Bitgert team has added, including the Bitgert USDT/USDC bridge. These products are increasing the utility of the Bitgert project, which will then skyrocket Bitgert price. The Polygon Matic team needs to do the same.

The bottom line is that Polygon Matic needs to create a more powerful crypto project than Bitgert to beat the competition. Unfortunately, this might take some time.

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