‘Black Swan’ Author Says ‘Cryptoism’ Is Like Communism – Benzinga

“Black Swan” author Nassim Nicholas Taleb took aim at what he called “Cryptoism” in a tweet on Monday.

What Happened: Taleb said the disease of the 20th century was utopianism, while that of the 21st is “hypernaive utopianism.”

The essayist categorized libertarianism, Wokism, Cryptoism, and Techno-salvationism as identical in “spirit to Communism.”

Taleb said that an “antiutopian manifesto is used by bitdiots to justify crypto-utopianism.”

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Why It Matters: Last month, Taleb compared backers of Bitcoin BTC/USD to “Covidopaths” and “Trumpobarbarians.” 

At the time, he had said that Bitcoin maximalists have steadfast conclusions despite changing information, while their methods and reasoning are dynamic.

Last year, the mathematical statistician labeled Bitcoin adherents as “total idiots” while saying that the apex coin was a good idea. 

Price Action: At press time, Bitcoin traded 0.6% higher at $20,357.60, according to data from Benzinga Pro

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