We Must Overcome The Second World War

We need to overcome the post-World War II world model. All nations have the right to exist, and their internal market must be respected.

Today’s biggest challenge is to overcome the post-World War II world model. Germany, Italy, and Japan are still countries occupied by the United States, and it interferes directly and indirectly in several countries, such as France, Brazil, among others, and now Ukraine.

The United States and England act together or in isolation against the economic growth of nations. The current economic crisis is a project that has been executed in accordance with the interests of Wall Street and London City. Russia had been consolidating its economy, along with Germany, creating a powerful development hub that will bring prosperity to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The world is already multipolar, the BRICS have taken on an important role and are moving towards the creation of new exchange models. The Swift System will be just another of the Exchange Systems.

Together with new models of exchange rates, we have to develop new technologies such as the five cycles of hydrogen, which are: health (man, animals and plants), fuels, energy, gas and water, which are new matrices of health, fuels, energy, gas and water, and constitute the basis of physical territory. The mastery of the 05 cycles of hydrogen makes it possible to manufacture new materials for the creation of Artificial Intelligence – AI and the Internet of Things.

With the Electric Internet we will have power and data on the same network. The electric internet will replace the current physical network of existing data, and will absorb the 6G Network, the Financial System, and the logic of production of products, goods and services, distribution and consumption, with a production, distribution and sales platform with an integrated logistics, creating what we call market, with two cc, of conscious consumption.

These are changes that have the capacity to generate 400 million jobs in 10 years and 10 billion jobs in 20 years, and these changes promote economic, social, technological, environmental, and cultural development, promoting the Common Good, ensuring the existence of future generations and species.

The development of these technologies will enable us to organize ourselves as a society differently, and it is not necessary for our organization to be made in cities, allowing us to occupy the entire planet.

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe, and allows us to have health, fuels, energy, gas, and water everywhere, making our life simple. The burning of  hydrogen produces water, and makes the pH of the planet alkaline, which favors the existence of all living beings.

The burning of fossil fuels produces gauze that when they react in the atmosphere form particulates, invisible to the naked eye, which contribute to global warming, besides causing various diseases in the respiratory system, such as cancer, rinitis, bronchitis, and are fixers of viruses and bacteria in our lungs, such as the influenza virus and Covid19. Fossil fuels are the tobacco to be fought today.

Western media works to hide that the United States and England support a Nazi government in Ukraine. All this because Germany and Russia were consolidating the supply of gas from Russia to Europe. We need to overcome the post-World War II world model. All nations have the right to exist, and their internal market must be respected.

The cases of the French companies Alston and the Brazilian company Petrobras illustrate how the United States has vulture practices even with its trading partners. Spying on companies, people and governments has become a common practice, and Julian Assange has been convicted of denouncing these illegal practices that the United States Government promotes worldwide.

In the case of Libya, the Intervention of the United States took place to keep Africa dependent and delayed. Similarly, it was the case with Iraq, Syria and several other countries that have undergone NATO military intervention.

NATO is an institutionalized invasion of Europe and has to be dismantled. Today’s Europe has no sovereignty and does not discuss its destiny. The European Union must be independent of England and the United States.

It is important to remember that the Swift System is used to maintain nations that are not aligned with the interests of the United States in the backwardness, such as Venezuela and Cuba, which clearly show how it is necessary to have various exchange systems, as well as to review the mechanisms of operation of foreign trade, such as commercialization and distribution, ensuring food for all mankind.

Humanity produces more than it consumes. We need market planning. The hardest thing is to produce we already do and the world can be much better than it is. Supporting BRICS in this process of building a multipolar world is what matters most to humanity.

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