Investors Are Gearing Up For Gnox (GNOX) Presale After Report Suggests A 150x Potential, Outpacing Avalanche (AVAX) And Binance Coin (BNB)

Gnox’s pre-sale is getting a ton of attention. Having originally been slated for two pre-sale phases, a third one was recently announced to help meet demand. And some market analysts are predicting that prices could continue to surge even higher. They’re already up considerably over the last few weeks. Why is Gnox the next big thing in crypto? In this article, we’re going to have a look, as well as comparing it to two other hot picks right now: AVAX and BNB.

Why is Gnox (GNOX) the next big thing in crypto?

Gnox is getting a ton of attention for two main reasons. Firstly, prices are already up 63% in just a month or so of pre-sale. When prices go up like that, people take notice. But Gnox isn’t just getting attention from speculative price investors. It’s also got huge long-term potential for the growth of crypto investing into the mainstream,

That’s because the Gnox protocol solves a ton of barriers to entry that have plagued the DeFi investment space for some time. Gnox simplifies the entire process and makes it so much easier for regular investors to start enjoying the benefits of DeFi investment strategies. And the main benefit these regular investors are looking for is real passive income. Gnox has created the perfect system that gives Gnox holders regular passive income returns without having to get involved with DeFi investment strategies. That’s why Gnox could have a huge future.

Avalanche (AVAX)

As the native token for the Avalanche ecosystem, AVAX is used to help power transactions on the fastest smart contract platform around. And AVAX has had an extremely good few days on the markets, with prices up considerably, mainly due to an announcement introducing native support for Bitcoin (BTC).

Avalanche is already making an impact in the crypto world, and the future looks good for AVAX.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin is the native token to the Binance exchange (one of the biggest mainstream platforms on the planet). And holding BNB gives users a ton of benefits on Binance, including reduced fees and access to a range of other services. It’s also a token with spending utility, and is easy to transfer to other Binance users, cost and hassle-free.

The options for BNB holders recently got even better, with the launch of BNB Vault. This gives BNB holders simple access to a range of staking and investment opportunities at the click of a button, and reduces some of the barriers to entry of other earning services in crypto. In some ways, it’s similar to GNOX to this extent, although GNOX goes a step further in simplifying things for newcomers to crypto.


Support is growing for GNOX in the crypto world, and investors are gearing up to invest even more into the popular new platform. BNB and AVAX both have good prospects, but experts are picking GNOX for massive potential future gains.

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