Cadillac’s $300,000 Luxury EV To Be Revealed This Summer 

Cadillac has a near-term desire to reclaim its decades-old slogan “Standard of the World” with a $300,000 all-electric luxury sedan unveiled this summer. 

WSJ reports the “Celestiq” will be a flagship luxury sedan, equipped with an all-wheel-drive electric powertrain capable of a +300-mile driving range and packed with groundbreaking technologies (including a hands-free assisted-driving system). 

Cadillac plans to produce only 500 Celestiqs per year in an $81 million facility at GM’s Global Technology Center in Warren, Michigan. 

“The Celestiq price tag could run well beyond $300,000 depending on added features, and the car is scheduled to go into production by late 2023,” WSJ noted, citing people familiar with the project. 

Celestiqs will be priced in a range comparable to the Mercedes-AMG S65 ($230k), Bentley Flying Spur ($214k), and Rolls-Royce Ghost ($312k). Cadillac wants Celestiq to be the ultimate status symbol and the Holy Grail of luxury vehicles after being outshined by numerous luxury car makers from Europe for decades. 

Here are teaser images of the Celestiq. 

Front driver’s side of the vehicle. 

Center console of the Celestiq show car. 

Fox News says the unveiling could happen as soon as July. 

The question remains if Cadillac can reclaim its old slogan: “Standard of the World.” 

… and one last question: Who the hell is going to buy a $300,000 Cadillac? 

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