Ethereum Holders Buying More $BRISE After USDT/USDC Bridge Launch. Why?

Key Points:

  • Bitgert stable crypto bridge going live is attracting a lot of investors
  • Ethereum holders are now buying more Bitgert
  • Bitgert has got more developments coming up

The Bitgert (BRISE) has just launched the widely anticipated USDT & USDC bridge. This means Bitgert blockchain users can now trade USDT and USDC on the chain. This is a big move for the Bitgert projects, and the attention it has created in the market says a lot about it.

Already, the launch of the Bitgert stable coins has attracted the attention of Ethereum investors. There are more Ethereum investors buying Bitgert after this launch. So what is so unique about launching USDT and USDC on the Bitgert chain that attracts Ethereum holders? The huge utility they add to the Bitgert chain is one of the reasons more Ethereum holders are buying.

The USDT/USDC bridge has been in the making for some time, and the crypto community was eagerly waiting for its launch. This is mainly because of the powerful Bitgert BRC20 blockchain on which the USDT/USDC bridge is launched. The zero gas fee and the fastest transaction speed are just some of the things making Bitgert stand out.

This means transacting $USDT, and $USDC tokens on the Bitgert chain will be almost zero. In fact, the cost of a transaction on the Bitgert chain is just $0.00000001 for gas. That’s how cheap it will be to make any transaction of these stable coins on the Bitgert chain. It is a major thing Ethereum holders love about the Bitgert USDT.

The other reason Ethereum holders are excited about the USDT and USDC is the fast transactions. Ethereum users swapping their USDT and USDC to the Bitgert chain will enjoy a faster speed the Bitgert chain is offering. Therefore, USDT and USDC bridge is giving Ethereum users a better experience on the Bitgert chain.

In addition to the Bitgert USDT and USDC bridge that has gone live, Ethereum holders are buying more $BRISE because of the many developments that are coming up. The Bitgert team is still working on delivering roadmap V2 products. The hundreds of Bitgert Startup Studio projects are also attracting Ethereum holders.

Though Ethereum ‘merge’ is coming this August, it appears like Bitgert promises better returns to Ethereum holders. That’s why the number of Ethereum investors buying Bitgert is growing bigger. With the $USDT and $USDC on the Bitgert chain now, more Ethereum holders will be joining Bitgert.

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