Bitgert (BRISE) Might Trigger Massive Safemoon (SFM) Sell Pressure – Crypto Analysts


Key Points:

  • Safemoon is still struggling with slow development
  • Safemoon price is still bearish despite today’s upturn
  • Bitgert outlook is still bullish
  • Bitgert is still working on massive developments

Fed’s hiking interest rates have been one of the reasons the crypto market has experienced massive withdrawals. Many cryptocurrencies, including Safemoon, have plummeted because of the measures that Fed has been putting to curb inflation.

Though Safemoon can blame inflation for its woes, the competition issue has been cited as one of the reasons Safemoon has been struggling with massive selling pressure. There are a number of new crypto projects that have come after the Safemoon project that are attracting many Safemoon holders. These are projects that might trigger massive selling pressure on the Safemoon coin.

Among the crypto projects that are now a growing concern for the Safemoon project is Bitgert (BRISE). Bitgert had been, for the longest part of 2021, the biggest Safemoon competitor. However, by the end of 2021, Bitgert had already started overtaking Safemoon in terms of development.

But it was the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain when Bitgert completely left Safemoon far behind. Safemoon is still a BSC project, and it is yet to start building its own blockchain. Therefore, it will take a very long time for the Safemoon project to be able to compete with Bitgert without its own blockchain.

The Bitgert team has gone ahead to deliver more developments, including the completion of the Bitgert roadmap V1. The Bitgert team is currently working on the Bitgert roadmap V2. The Safemoon team is still struggling to deliver its roadmap V1.

There are just a few products that the Safemoon team has managed to release, with the Safemoon wallet and the Safemoon V2 being the major Safemoon products so far. Most of the upcoming Safemoon products have just been promises, and some, like the Safemoon exchange, have taken so long to be delivered.

Bitgert has many developments coming up, including the Bitgert roadmap V2, Bitgert backed projects, and many others. With these developments, Bitgert has the potential to explode. In fact, Bitgert has the potential to be the next big cryptocurrency in the industry.

This will see the number of Safemoon crypto investors joining Bitgert increase rapidly. The result will be more Safemoon selling pressure as more holders will be selling to buy Bitgert, which is making them good profits.

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