Solana’s ‘Whale Liquidation Crisis’ Pushes Holders To Buying More Bitgert


Key Points:

  • Solana’s poor performance pushes $SOL holders to Bitgert
  • The failed whale liquidation solution exposed Solana to a plunge
  • Bitgert rigidity in the market is attracting investors

The Solana’ whale liquidation crisis’ has been the hottest topic in the crypto market lately. The Solana lending app, Solend, tried to address the possibility of the coin collapsing, which is mostly caused by the massive withdrawals. Solana wanted to control the whales from dumping, which would cause massive damage to the Solana project.

The proposal was passed but would later be reversed by the second voting by the Solana community. These events have greatly impacted the Solana price over the last few days. First, the Solana price stabilized when the rest of the markets plunged. The $SOL price would then push to $38.80 before pulling back to $35 at the time of writing.

With the Solana going back to normal and the whales still unregulated, more Solana whales are now looking for the best alternative coins to invest in. Bitgert (BRISE) has been one of the most preferred coins by Solana investors over the last few weeks. The reason why more Solana holders are buying Bitgert is the massive potential the Bitgert coin has.

Bitgert is, without a doubt, one of the biggest Solana rivals. In fact, crypto analysts have said that Bitgert has the potential to kill Solana. Bitgert building a blockchain that is faster and has a lower gas fee than Solana means the team is working towards becoming the next Solana. What the Bitgert team is working on is building a powerful blockchain ecosystem to beat Solana.

With the Bitgert prospect looking better than Solana, there are so many Solana holders that are now buying Bitgert. With the Solana whales still allowed to sell at will, then it means that Solana might be preparing for a massive sell-off. That’s why many Solana holders are picking Bitgert because of its ability to remain stable even during the bear market.

Solana investors are also buying Bitgert because of the massive developments coming up. Bitgert has the potential to post a bullish explosion this year, which is almost impossible for Solana projects.

With the Bitgert roadmap V2 and the hundreds of Bitgert Startup Studio projects coming up this year, Bitgert will be the fastest-growing ecosystem in 2022. That’s why more and more Solana holders are buying Bitgert today.

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