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Alexander Khodorkovsky is the founder and the CEO of Argentics is a software development studio specializing in end-to-end game development. Building on their years of experience on the leading edge of gaming innovation, Argentics is now starting work on a state-of-art metaverse.

1. Let’s start with a brief intro. What’s the living narrative of your story?

It’s not complicated – my story is about a passion for games, gaming, and developing games.  From a very early age, I saw the potential value of gaming from simple entertainment to changing how people live, play, and work. That passion became my dream and total focus. While chasing my dream I was lucky to meet like-minded people who also wanted to create amazing things. From this shared passion was founded As a business, we started with casual gaming apps, educational apps, and gamification apps for brands. Hard work and excellent results led to working on a couple of big desktop titles. In 2020 we started working on Blockchain gaming projects.

2. Tell me, what makes Blockchain gaming different?

Community involvement is what makes the real difference. People who are into crypto are more passionate and creatively disruptive – always looking to break what works to make it better. Over the last few years, we have been witnessing a movement towards a new ownership paradigm. The very idea of creating or participating in decentralized ecosystems is to bridge the gap l between community stakeholders. Now, art creators, asset collectors, community, and product developers – all are more connected than ever before. Which is a great thing!

For example, NFT artisans can finally get their fair share or enthusiasts who do their best to help their favorite project and can now get rewarded for their dedication and passion. This interdependent community is the ideal bedrock for startups looking for early funding and PR support from a community.

With Blockchain game development the right team can create a solid game or even an entire metaverse working collaboratively with their supporter ecosystem.  We all know the big names like Sandbox or Axie Infinity which have massive communities. But despite their impressive success, the market is still emerging. Check LinkedIn job openings posted by guys like ImmutableX. They are extremely bullish on the future of Blockchain gaming, to say the least. The Government of Korea has recently allocated $177M to invest in metaverses.

We are yet to see billions injected into the industry in anticipation of the next bull run. Watch this space! 

3. What is your take on the current Blockchain gaming landscape?

I’ll double down on what I said before. On the one hand, there are a lot of successful players, and equally, loads of untapped potential. What does this tell us?  Opportunity knocks for the brave … this is far from a mature market.

While metaverse projects were able to properly cater to socializing needs, the quality gaming experience is still a void to be filled. The community is hungry for better visuals and more features. Because the very idea of grinding while playing repetitive sessions is simply put; depressing. And remember, the Blockchain community is a community of enthusiasts and enjoyers. We see that people enjoy being a part of colorful metaverses with plenty of features, which will inevitably create demand for top-notch projects.

So, in our opinion, there is a vast latent demand for quality gaming platforms in the metaverse, a good opportunity for seasoned game development teams.

4. Which brings us to Pandorah, right?

Exactly. Our team has been working on a number of NFT game projects. You can read about some of those on our website. Our team had our own sandbox and an art vision that we planned to put into practice. We’ve always wanted to show that a metaverse can be a visually marvelous experience. With the Pandorah project, the stars aligned, and we agreed to build this special place for dreamers and mavericks. Pandorah is a place that brings together NFT collectors, adventurers, fans of mysteries, competitive gaming enjoyers, and metaverse lovers. All of this combines as opportunities for asset creators and game developers.

Pandorah is designed as a state-of-art metaverse offering not only deep social interaction via the means of common mechanics, but a diverse top-notch gaming experience. What sets it apart from other projects, even more, is that all of the games – and the world of Pandorah – share the same distinctive art style and vibe. 

We are talking about a mysterious land of inventions, craftsmanship, and big dreams wrapped in an artisanal coat of colorful and vibrant steampunk settings. Think of the charming atmosphere, where meticulous engineers breathe life into sophisticated mechanisms with the power of arcane magic. A techno-wizardry world, where you are not a mere watcher but an active citizen of a magnificent land worth exploring!

Now, you are in a cool place full of tech and magic, a town where you can craft, furnish and interact with many other players. When you visit the central square, you see several portals. They will lead you to tailor-made competitive games – each offering different mechanics, all united by unparalleled quality.

5. What would be the role of NFTs in this mix of a metaverse and gaming platform?

NFTs play a vital role in Pandorah. There are state-of-art utility NFTs designed for specific games.  Additionally,  there are  NFTs that generate owners’ benefits regardless of the games they prefer.

Let’s say that you like shooters. To get a slight competitive edge over other players you will likely want to purchase a character NFT that offers just a bit better stats in that very game.

On the other hand, we expect many players to enjoy several different games. To this end, Pandorah introduces the concept of Magic Buddies. These NFTs grow stronger with every victory or every tasty treat. Over time they will start producing unique random bonuses and resources. Some of the gifts you might keep for yourself while the others might become valuable items for others on the market.

Regardless of which NFTs you buy to get some utility, rest assured that they will also have high artistic value. This is why Pandorah also collaborates with some of the world’s top NFT artists.

And don’t forget about lands! But I don’t want to spoil this part right now.

6. What are the short and long-term goals for Pandorah?

The major goal is to create a self-sufficient and dynamic ecosystem that will last for years to come. We want the world of Pandorah to grow, offering its users aesthetic pleasure, memorable gaming experiences, and countless socializing options. In the spirit of creative collaboration, Pandora will eventually be open to other developers with great ideas and skills to make those ideas come to life.

We dream big and act quickly. Our team has already started working on a few games for the project. So, in 2022 Pandorah’s community will already have a taste of a couple of demos, and will also walk the first of many downtowns in the Pandorah Metaverse.

Over the course of 2023 and 2024, the Project will have a lot of updates in terms of content and new features to continue the unique nature of the Pandora project…

7. What role will the community play in creating Pandorah?

We believe that a community is an integral and important piece of any Blockchain project. As I said before, player experience has always been our first priority. With the help of a decentralized ecosystem, we’ll get closer than ever to players. All Pandorah supporters will get a chance to contribute to the project.

Community transparency is key to the success of our project. Every week we, being the team responsible for art and coding, will share tons of updates, including NFT and game art, pieces of lore, animations, closed beta testing, sneak peeks, and much more. The world of Pandorah is to be a place of mystery, but our progress will be no secret to its community.

8. How to become a Pandorah contributor?

There are several ways to support the project. You are welcome to participate in NFT sales, become an active member on one of our social media, or even become an ambassador.

To get more info on the project please visit the official Twitter profile of Pandorah. Soon the project will be launching a Discord server and a YouTube channel with cool game demo footage and interviews. Some of the news will be shared between Pandorah citizens only.

Make sure that you are among the first to join the journey to cool Blockchain gaming and mysteries!

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