Cryptocurrency Price Analysis 22 June 2022: Cardano(ADA), Chainlink(LINK), Fantom(FTM), Zilliqa(ZIL)

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The markets have again slumped hard with the BTC & ETH prices draining notably. And hence major altcoins also have begun squeezing their profits gained in the past couple of days. Here is some cryptocurrency price analysis for the next couple of days ahead. 

Cardano(ADA) Price Analysis

ada price
  • Cardano’s (ADA) price appears pretty strong at the moment and may flip from the lower support and head towards the breakout zone very soon.
  • The asset is expected to move towards the upper first resistance after the breakout zone at around $0.53 and later at $0.58
  • On the contrary, if the asset fails to hold at $0.47 then a harsh rejection may drag the price back to $0.42 levels 
  • However, the ADA price may again flip from these levels and regain the levels within the immediate resistance at $0.47

Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis

nlink orice
  • Chainlink price may remain uncertain until and unless the asset surpasses the crucial $7.98 or $8 levels
  • The markets currently are correcting and hence compelling the price to form lower highs and lows. Therefore, the lower support may at $6.12 be yet again tested
  • Once the levels at $8 are cleared, then the price movement may get intensified towards $9.12 and later at $9.98
  • In case of rejection from $6.122 (which is pretty unlikely), the asset may halt testing the lower levels around $5.5 again.

Fantom (FTM) Price Analysis

ftm price
  • Fantom price surged magnificently in the past couple of days gaining a double-digit and despite the recent pullback, the asset holds significant bullish momentum
  • The trade set up currently bullish but only after testing the lower support at $0.255 and quickly rebound back above $0.29
  • Later the price could test a couple of higher resistance at $0.3083 & $0.3262 and secure these levels to rise high towards $0.4385
  • However, in the larger time frame, the assets need to break $0.34, later at $54 and $0.68.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Analysis

zil price
  • Zilliqa’s price is currently following a clear retest and may slip down to $0.037 initially and later at $0.035.
  • The asset could hover within these levels for some time and with enough bullish momentum could rise high back above $0.04 
  • However, the main target lies around $0.48, while the entry would be between $0.0355 and $0.0375
  • One of the crucial resistance lies just above $0.455 which may hinder the rally for some time and hence the price may consolidate here before ranging towards $0.48

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