BoE Explains Why Crypto Crash Survivors Could Become Future Amazons, eBays – Benzinga

  • Bank of England Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe sees a possibility for crypto meltdown survivors to become the future technology companies, rivaling Inc AMZN and eBay Inc EBAYBloomberg reports from a Zurich forum.
  • Cunliffe drew parallels between the meltdown wiping more than $1 trillion off the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the dot-com collapse at the start of the millennium.
  • The dot-com collapse saw a wipeout of $5 trillion in value and the end of several companies. However, the survivors like Amazon and eBay evolved as the dominant players.
  • He emphasized “huge applications and potential within the financial sector” for crypto technology despite the current scenario and expected crypto technology and finance to continue amid odds.
  • The BoE was amid the development of plans for its own retail central bank digital currency.
  • Regulators continue to weigh entirely disintegrated settlement or regulate the crypto technology’s AI code. 
  • He explored whether private stablecoins would be more optimized by linking to a central bank ledger or providing the base instead.
  • He held the same conviction in a fully automated pilotless plane, or a fully driverless car, questioning the liability in case of a crash due to an algo error.

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