While Doing an Anti-Cheating Upgrade, ‘Move to Earn’ Game Stepn Fell for DDoS Attacks


‘Move to Earn’ game, Stepn, has ordered players to take a rest of the recent DDoS attacks

The ‘Move to Earn’ game, Stepn, is one of the popular applications on the Solana blockchain in the NFT marketplace. Stepn fell into the trap of a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial-of-Service) while attempting to secure an anti-cheating upgrade. This ‘Move to Earn’ game was planning to recover from multiple cyberattacks by commencing the anti-cheating up-gradation. But the DDoS attack again targeted this Stepn application despite integrating the Solana blockchain.

The developers are desperately trying to recover from the current and fresh DDoS attack by resolving the issue. But the solution is taking more than 24 hours instead of taking just from one to twelve hours. The anti-cheating upgrade was supposed to eliminate all kinds of bots of the Solana blockchain network in this ‘Move to Earn’ game. It also can help to prevent offering prizes from multiple fake motion data. Stepn claimed that around 25 million DDoS attacks were being attempted within a very short period of time. The online players of the ‘Move to Earn’ games were alerted of network congestion for multiple DDoS attacks.

The popular application in the NFT marketplace is known as a fitness and DeFi application where players are awarded tokens for their jogging and running.  There are two types of tokens in this ‘Move to Earn’ game— for utility (GST) and for governance (GMT). Online players must buy a virtual shoe in the form of NFT for earning tokens for efficiently running and jogging. This is one of the key reasons why Stepn is also known as Web3 lifestyle app for being the ‘Move to Earn’ game in the NFT marketplace.

DDoS attacks are disturbing the routines of online players for jogging and running. Stepn management tweeted to suggest that players should take a rest while the issue is getting resolved because work-out timings and records may not be recorded properly in the app. DDoS attacks is one of the key types of cyberattacks where cyber hackers try to bring down the website with useless traffic. That is why the players received the notification of network congestion.

DDoS attacks instigate artificial intelligence not to receive any user information as well as identify themselves as bots. It seems that cyberattackers have targeted to bring down Stepn with desperate missions. The NFT application received the attack even when it was updating itself with the anti-cheating upgrade. Even with the installation of anti-cheating upgrade, DDoS attacks happened to paralyze the entire network with millions of attacks.

That being said, organizations must be highly careful of cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks, even when the computer systems are going through anti-cheating upgrades.

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