Luna Price Prediction 2022 – Will it hit $71?

Luna price predictions

Luna price predictions for 2022 suggest the token could be trading at $71 by December 31.

This would be an attractive price given that Luna is currently trading at $6.49. For the Luna price to hit $71 by the end of December this year would mean a 991% return on investment. If you just put in $1,000 to buy Luna at current prices, this means you would have $10,920 by the end of 2022.

But just how likely is this Luna price prediction? The volatility of the new Terra Luna token makes price predictions largely guesswork.

Let’s look at the current price predictions for Luna in 2022.

The bullish case for Luna

Amid accusations of fraud and doubt in the new Terra blockchain, there are many commentators still bullish on Luna.

The popular cryptocurrency analyst Terra Watcher (@lurkaroundfind) published a thread calling the Terra 2 blockchain the most ‘democratic’ of any currently on the market. While tokens like Solana and Avalanche have between 62-73% of native tokens within the hands of a core development team, Luna tokens were 90% distributed to community investors with the remaining 10% airdropped to non-Terraform Labs affiliated developers.

Terra Watcher has also praised the great ‘UX experience’ of Terra-based projects and the wealth of dApps, applications and developers already pledging allegiance to Luna.

According to Terra Watcher, the current 10% price drop in Luna in the past day to $6.49 is due to former investors selling off their airdropped Luna tokens to make a small return on investment.

Wallet Investor – Luna to hit $71 by end of 2022

The cryptocurrency prediction website Wallet Investor is the most bullish on Luna price predictions.

Wallet Investor predicts Luna to reach a price of $21 by July 1, then $27 by August 1, then $42 by September 1 and finally $71 by the end of December.

In five years’ time, Wallet Investor predicts a Luna price of $283.

CoinMarketCap – bearish Luna price prediction

CoinMarketCap allows for social predictions from users. The current Luna price prediction for the end of June is currently $6.38 from nearly 1,000 votes. This would suggest a -1.7% price drop from the current Luna price.

The highest price predictions for Luna were up to $17.5 by the end of June, while the lowest prediction was down at $2.5.

DigitalCoinPrice – Luna won’t break $10 before 2023

The DigitalCoinPrice website is showing a Luna price prediction of $9.33 by 2023.

This is much more bearish than Wallet Investor, and would suggest a 44% price increase from current levels. The website has a long-term price prediction for Luna of $34 by 2031.

EverGrow Coin – higher price predictions than Luna for 2022

Luna is not the only cryptocurrency receiving intense speculation on price predictions for 2022.

While major cryptocurrencies receive the lion’s share of attention, it is often lower-cap cryptocurrencies which see the highest breakouts. One of these cryptos with strong price predictions for 2022 is EverGrow Coin.

EverGrow Coin has already seen price pumps over 70% so far this year. The current EverGrow Coin price is $0.0000002279.

The social EverGrow Coin price prediction on CoinMarketCap is currently $0.000002286 for the end of June – a 900% increase on today’s price. Meanwhile on Wallet Investor the EverGrow Coin price prediction within one year is $0.365. This incredibly bullish prediction would see a 17,000,000,000,000% price hike in EverGrow Coin.

Price predictions are bullish for EverGrow Coin after it became the leading reflection token, paying over $37 million in BUSD stablecoin reflections to investors since September last year. The project has an NFT marketplace, content subscription platform and metaverse integration due out before the end of 2022.


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