Pilot Writes “Make Beer Not War” Over Skies Of Poland 

“Make Beer Not War,” read the plane’s flight path over the skies of Poland, a country that shares a 332-mile border with Ukraine. 

According to FlightRadar, a creative pilot operating a Tecnam P2008JC (single-engine aircraft) spent nearly four hours in the skies above Poland writing a protest message against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The pilot switched on the emergency beacon, sending a notification to FlightRadar users, where flight observers worldwide were able to watch the pilot Saturday write “Make Beer Not War.” 

Last month, a FlightRadar user spotted another pilot in the central European country that wrote “FckPutin.”

Over the years, pilots around the world were obsessed with drawing sky penises (see: here & here), though now, some write ant-war messages. 

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