Top Data Science Jobs in FAANG Companies to Apply for in May

FAANG companies pay a fortune for data science jobs like data scientists and analysts

Over the past two decades, big data has become the new oil. From healthcare to manufacturing, every industry is in surviving the digital wave, thanks to the overwhelming data. People have also started realizing the importance of big data and how it is revolutionizing the decision-making process. Owing to the increasing usage of big data, data science technology was brought to the spotlight. As more and more industries use innovative big data applications, data professionals of all stripes are in high demand. There are a plethora of data science jobs open for skilled candidates. Although the data science industry demands a lot but only names a few while hiring data scientists, people are still interested in this money-making technology. Despite this, data science jobs command high salaries because there’s not enough supply and their skills are in high demand. Especially, FAANG companies pay a fortune for data science professionals like data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, data architects, ML scientists, data storytellers, ML engineers, etc. Therefore, starting from aspiring data scientists to experts, everybody wants to get into FAANG companies. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed top data science jobs that tech enthusiasts should apply for in FAANG companies now.


Top Data Science Jobs in FAANG Companies
Data Analyst, Product Support Operations at Meta

Location(s): Sunnyvale-CA, Austin-TX, Seattle-WA, Remote

Roles and Responsibilities: Meta is seeking an experienced data analyst to join the team, who will focus on leading analytics efforts with cross-functional teams to improve the product experience by providing scalable data solutions, business intelligence, and analytics to PSO. The candidate should develop and manage end-to-end analytics solutions from requirements gathering, establishing key metrics, building a data pipeline, and dashboard, and analyzing data to drive the performance of operations.


  • The candidate should have 3+ years of experience in quantitative analysis, SQL, data visualization tools, etc.
  • He/she should experience communicating with a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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Data Analyst, Global Talent Selection at Meta

Location(s): Austin-TX, Washington-DC, New York, San Francisco-CA, Remote

Roles and Responsibilities: The company is looking for data analysts who share their passion for building new functionality and improving existing systems. He/she should build new analytics and reporting capabilities to support program evaluation and operations. They should handle and how reporting analytics requests while addressing stakeholders’ long-term needs and driving insights for human resource partners and executives using existing dashboards.


  • The candidate should have 4+ years of experience working with SQL or relational databases.
  • Experience initiating and driving projects to completion with minimal guidance is mandatory.
  • He/she should have experience having effective conversations with clients about their support needs and requirements, managing the intake process, and asking the right questions to the scope and solve the requests.

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Data Scientist at Apple

Location(s): Hyderabad, Telangana

Roles and Responsibili]tes: As a data scientist at Apple, the candidate should design data science solutions to solve business challenges. He/she should be part of a large team, working on research and project delivery. They will apply statistical thinking and machine learning methods. The candidate should communicate complex concepts in intelligible ways. He/she will manage time and priorities in an exciting and changing environment.


  • The candidate should have 8-years of experience in data science and machine learning.
  • Hands-on programming language experience and proven competency in Python or R coding are mandatory.
  • He/she should have a good degree of knowledge about unstructured data analysis methodologies like NLP, NLG, etc.

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Data Scientist- Strategic Data Solutions at Apple

Location(s): Austin, Texas

Roles and Responsibilities: As an SDS data scientist, the candidate will employ predictive modeling and statistical analysis techniques to build end-to-end solutions for improving security, fraud prevention, and operational efficiency across the company, from manufacturing to fulfillment to apps and services.


  • The candidate should have practical experience with and theoretical understanding of algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, and anomaly detection.
  • He/she should have a working knowledge of relational databases including SQL, and large-scale distributed systems such as Hadoop and Spark.
  • They should have the ability to implement data science pipelines and applications in a general programming language such as Python, Scala, or Java.

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Sr. Data Engineer, Data Solutions & Engineering, Security at Amazon

Location(s): London

Roles and Responsibilities: The data engineer will provide technical leadership, lead data engineering initiatives and build end-to-end analytical solutions that are highly available, scalable, stable, secure, and cost-effective. He/she should deliver data solutions that are customer-focused, easy to consume and create business impact. They should have a strategic and long-term view on architecting advanced data ecosystems. In this role, the candidate will gather business and functional requirements and translate these requirements into robust, scalable operable solutions with a flexible and adaptable data architecture.


  • The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related technical discipline.
  • He/she should have 8+ years of experience in data engineering, BI engineering, or a related field in architecting and developing end-to-end scalable data applications and data pipelines.
  • They should have 3+ years of coding experience with modern programming or scripting language.

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Data Engineering Manager, Studio & Creative Production DSE at Netflix

Location(s): Los Gatos, California

Roles and Responsibilities: As a data engineering manager, the candidate should achieve a consistently enjoyable experience for the company’s members through this process of a tall order. He/she should help visual effects teams deeply leverage data to inform their decision-making as they go about their tasks. They should help teams leverage data-driven methods such as reinforcement learning for artwork and video assets personalization and optimization methods for studio production workflows to drive better outcomes for the business.


  • The candidate should have been leading data engineering teams for 5+ years.
  • He/she should have a proven track record leading innovative, influential data engineering work in complex business domains.
  • They should be deeply invested in creating an inclusive team environment and helping each team members grow.

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Data Scientist, Engineering at Google

Location(s): Mountain View-CA, Sunnyvale-CA, New York

Roles and Responsibilities: As a data scientist at Google, the candidate should work with large, complex datasets. They should solve difficult, non-routine analysis problems, applying advanced analytical methods as needed. He/she should conduct analysis that includes data gathering and requirements specification, processing, analysis, ongoing deliverables, and presentation. The candidate should research and develop analysis, forecasting, and optimization method to improve the quality of Google’s user-facing products.


  • The candidate should own a Master’s degree in a quantitative discipline.
  • He/she should have 2-years of experience in data analysis or a related field.
  • Experience with statistical software is mandatory.

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