Bitgert To Launch USDT/USDC Pegged Tokens

Bitgert is also launching all top 15 coins along with USDT/USDC pegged tokens on the Bitgert chain.

Key Points:
  • Bitgert to offer stable crypto on its chain
  • The reserve pool address to be made public soon

Bitgert (BRISE) has been keeping its community on the major developments that the team is carrying out, and the latest was the update on the USDT/USDC pegged tokens. In mid-April, the Bitgert team announced the launching of the USDT/USDC on its chain.

Though it was still under development, the Bitgert team announced that Bitgert chain users would be able to swap USDT/USDC on all the networks supported by the chain. At the moment, the supported networks include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Tron Network.

The Bitgert team has recently announced the completion of the BEP20/ERC20/TRC20 and BRC20 contracts development. The Bitgert team said that they are now working on the front end. Therefore, the Bitgert team is moving with speed to make the USDT/USDC pegged tokens a reality.

The availability of the USDT/USDC pegged tokens on the Bitgert chain will be one of the biggest moves by the Bitgert project. It will give users the ability to swap their tokens to a stable coin to avoid the big issue of crypto volatility. This will cushion Bitgert chain users from the losses that come with crashing markets.

The crypto market has, over the past few days, been struggling with a crash that has left many crypto coins down by massive percentages. The only investors that managed to avoid this problem are the ones that managed to swap to stable coins. That’s why it is important to have USDT/USDC pegged tokens on the Bitgert chain.

The USDT/USDC pegged tokens launch is expected to give Bitgert chain users more flexibility in managing their assets. The Bitgert swap will help users put their assets where they feel they are getting more value rather than just holding a single coin, which is susceptible to price volatility. Bitgert USDT/USDC pegged tokens are also expected to attract more traders.

The Bitgert team confirmed that the reserve pool addresses will be shared with the public on Bitgert’s official website. This is to maintain transparency, which has been key in the Bitgert project.

The bottom line is that the Bitgert team is delivering this project faster than most of the coins in the market. Apart from the USDT/USDC pegged tokens, Bitgert is also launching all top 15 coins on the Bitgert chain. Therefore, a lot of exciting developments are coming up in the next few weeks.

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