Why Bitgert is a Better Option than Cardano

Bitgert has been causing a lot of excitement in the crypto industry due to its fast growth and development

Key Points:

  • Bitgert has proven a more solid project
  • Bitgert ecosystem is growing faster than Cardano
  • The BRC20 is a zero gas fee blockchain

The Cardano performance in the current bear market has been dismal by all measures. The coin plunged by huge margins to post one of the lowest prices over the past 12 months, $0.47. That’s how big the recent plunge has been. During the same period, Bitgert (BRISE) managed to maintain one of the most stable prices.

Crypto experts have said that Bitgert might be a better option than Cardano when it comes to investment. Well, this has been proven by the recent bear market. The Cardano coin plunged by almost +50% in just a few days. In fact, Cardano posted one of the largest crashes in 2022.

But why is Bitgert considered a better option than Cardano? Well, there are a number of factors that are making Bitgert a very attractive project to users and investors. Here are a few facts about Bitgert you should know:



Bitgert has been causing a lot of excitement in the crypto industry due to its fast growth and development. The Bitgert team has delivered a lot for a project that is just 9 months old. There are many Bitgert products and projects that have been added to the Bitgert ecosystem so far. In fact, the Bitgert ecosystem is currently topping among the fastest-growing ecosystem. Fast than the Cardano ecosystem. That’s why even Cardano investors are joining.

The Cardano and other investors are also attracted by the huge number of disruptive products that the Bitgert team has built and continue to build. The BRC20 blockchain is one of the major Bitgert products launched in the roadmap V1. The Bitgert blockchain’s fast speed and the lowest gas fee are major attractions. The Bitgert chain is faster and cheaper than the Cardano blockchain.

Bitgert team is now building the roadmap V2, which has exciting DeFi, NFT, and Web3 products. The Centcex project is also adding products to the Bitgert ecosystem. There are also 1000+ projects from the Startup Studio program joining the Bitgert ecosystem. So, Bitgert remains one of the fast-growing ecosystems, something that is attracting investors.

The bottom line is that Bitgert has proven to be a solid project and the next big crypto project to watch. Bitgert ecosystem is developing faster than Cardano, and massive Bitgert chain adoption makes this project an ideal investment. Therefore, Bitgert is the next big thing to watch in the crypto industry.

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