Why Bitgert Has Been Proven to be the Strongest Crypto Project

Among the biggest Bitgert developments was building the world’s first zero gas fee blockchain

Key Points:

  • Bitgert price has remained stable in a bearish market
  • Bitgert is still the fastest-growing ecosystem today
  • The Bitgert BRC20 is the only gasless blockchain in the world

The past few days have seen the Bitgert(BRISE) project become one of the most talked-about blockchain projects. This is after the Bitgert coin posted one of the most stable prices during the bearish market. But Bitgert’s excellent performance started immediately after the project launch.

It was clear immediately after the launch of the roadmap V1, which is now successfully delivered that the Bitgert project was a solid crypto project in the making. The Bitgert team laid out development plans in the roadmap V1 that gave an image of a high utility blockchain project.

Among the biggest Bitgert developments was building the world’s first zero gas fee blockchain. This was a blockchain that would address the persistent problem of high gas fees on blockchains. In less than 200 days of the launch, Bitgert had already built and launched the revolutionary gasless BRC20 blockchain.

Bitgert BRC20 did not only became the first zero-cost gas fee chain in the world but also the fastest blockchain in the industry. The Bitgert blockchain became the first major product to showcase just how strong the Bitgert project was.

But the Bitgert team is just getting started with building one of the largest and most disruptive blockchain ecosystems. The team recently launched roadmap V2, which shows the kind of ecosystem the Bitgert is building. The roadmap has multiple DeFi, NFT, and Web3. They include a CEX and a Web3 oracle. Bitgert is also building a powerful NFT marketplace in the roadmap V2, among many other products.

In addition to the products the Bitgert team is building, the recent partnership with Centcex is going to increase the number of products in this ecosystem. The Centcex project is going to build an unlimited number of products for the Bitgert ecosystem. There is also the Bitgert Startup Studio project, which has already started adding projects to the chain.

The Bitgert team is adding over a thousand projects to the ecosystem through the Startup Studio. The Bitgert team is soon adding all #15 cryptocurrencies on its blockchain. Bitgert blockchain interoperability is also growing larger because of the launched bridge. These are major exciting project developments making Bitgert the strongest project today.

The bottom line is that Bitgert has been one of the fastest-growing crypto coins for the past few months. Bitgert is not only delivering multiple products and projects faster than any other project but also delivering highly disruptive products. That’s why Bitgert is the most discussed cryptocurrency today and quickly becoming one of the strongest crypto projects.

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