Report Estimates $530M Reconstruction Cost for Homes in Line of California Wildfire

Newly released data from CoreLogic show the Coastal Fire in California has burned at least 20 homes in the Orange County community of Laguna Niguel.

The estimated reconstruction cost value is $530 million for the area presently threatened by the fire.

Similar fuels and terrain were responsible for the Emerald Fire in early February which burned 154 acres and the 1993 Laguna Fire which burned 14,587 acres and destroyed 366 homes. Both fires were a few mile from the Coastal Fire, according to CoreLogic’s report.

CalFire’s latest report on the blaze shows 200 acres burned and 15% containment. The cause is unknown.

At least 20 homes have been destroyed in the fire.

CoreLogic’s report calls the wildfire hazard in the Laguna Niguel area “substantial,” with risk assessment identifying this part of the community as high and extreme risk.

“This is due to the heavy growth of chaparral and scrub brush accumulated in the canyons over the years,” the report states. “The fire advanced from the bottom of the canyon to the west, consuming heavy fuels. Steep terrain leading up to the residential communities accelerated the upslope spread.”


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