Ethereum has Saturated Growth, Bitgert Would be the Best Option

Many investors leaving Ethereum because there are few developments

Key Points:
  • Ethereum price has plummeted by huge margins in the past 6 months
  • The Ethereum project might be saturated
  • Bitgert has proven a perfect crypto-investment

The Ethereum has been tanking for the last few days now. The price for the Ethereum coin dropped to $1,807 in the last few days, a price that was last seen in July 2021. Although the Ethereum coin has made some recovery today, after the market got a breather, crypto experts warn the crypto market is not out of the wood yet. The coin might drop further.

Though the crashing marker might affect the Ethereum price, the issue of saturated Ethereum growth has been coming up lately. In fact, there are many investors leaving Ethereum because there are few developments that might make Ethereum explode again. The Ethereum coin might have reached the saturation level by now.

This means Ethereum may not be the most ideal crypto investment when compared to the likes of Bitgert (BRISE). Unlike Ethereum, Bitgert is still in the early development stages, and that’s why it is attracting a lot of attention. In fact, many crypto experts agree that Bitgert has the potential to explode 1000X, which might not be the case with Ethereum. Here is more about Bitgert and why it might be the best option over Ethereum:



According to crypto experts, Bitgert might be the next big coin to watch. This observation has been based on the growth and development Bitgert has posted in the last 9 months since the project launched. The Bitgert team has already built a powerful ecosystem for a 9 months-old blockchain project, which comprises of DeFi, Web3, and NFT products.

The Bitgert team has launched a revolutionary BRC20 blockchain, the fastest and the cheaper chain in the world. The Bitgert chain is faster and has cheaper gas than Ethereum. The cost of gas on the Bitgert chain is $0.0000000000001, which makes BRC20 a zero gas fee chain. Bitgert chain is also supporting 100k TPS, and its bridge enables Bitgert chain to offer high interoperability.

More Bitgert developments are coming, including the Bitgert roadmap V2, which has a lot of disruptive products. The Bitgert Startup program has 1000+ projects coming into the Bitgert ecosystem. The Centcex team is also developing products for the Bitgert ecosystem. These developments will make Bitgert explode more than Ethereum.

In conclusion, the Ethereum project has achieved so much in terms of growth and development. Therefore, there will be little development to make Ethereum explode again. But Bitgert has the potential to explode 1000x. That’s why Bitgert remains one of the best crypto investments today.

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