The Complete Guide to MyCointainer Staking & How it can Benefit You

by Analytics Insight

April 21, 2022

If you’re curious about how to use the MyCointainer crypto staking platform to boost your rewards, keep reading to find out more.

With so many staking platforms out there, you might be wondering which one to choose. How is MyCointainer different from other staking platforms? What makes it so beneficial for crypto investors? Learn more about MyCointainer and the numerous opportunities it provides below.


How to use MyCointainer staking platform to increase your profits

Have you heard about cold staking? With this staking method, you get your crypto funds frozen in an offline wallet. Thus, cold staking becomes a much more secure method than an online one. Storing crypto in offline wallets also makes this method more environmentally friendly due to lower energy consumption. If you’re curious about how to use MyCointainer crypto staking platform to boost your rewards, keep reading to find out more.

Cold staking with MyCointainer means that you delegate your coins to the platform node. MyCointainer will stake your assets on your behalf. Why is cold staking with MyCointainer so great, and why is it even worth trying? A significant benefit of this method is that you can still control your funds while MyCointainer doesn’t get access to them. However, by delegating your coins to the platform nodes, you get the best rewards on the market.

Bear in mind though that the platform is not limited by cold staking. It offers more than a hundred assets available for the so-called “hot” staking. For this method, you need to buy coins with MyCointainer Exchange or deposit the funds in your wallet. No need to pay fees for 7 cryptocurrencies of your choice. Moreover, some assets like NEM, Theta, and Peercoin currently have no fees.


Here are a few things to consider before choosing an asset to buy:

1. Yearly return. Sure, this is the first thing that interests you – how much you’re going to earn with this currency. Remember that the yearly return will fluctuate.

2. Current valuation. The value of the cryptocurrency depends on the supply and demand, just like anything in the market.

3. Project review and future plans. Getting to know about the project and developers’ ambitions can also give an idea of how reliable and promising the coin is.

Click on More information & details under the asset to read the detailed description of each of them.


MyCointainer staking could be your new “summed up” capital

Some people think it’s more secure to earn money with crypto-mining, but it’s good to remember how expensive it might be to buy the equipment that consumes so much energy. Also, learning the mining skills can take a lot of time. Those who solve the complex puzzles, get the rewards, and you might spend months with no returns because you lack the necessary skills.

Compare how different MyCointainer staking is – no costly equipment and super-advanced mining skills are needed. All you need is your laptop (or a phone with our mobile app) and internet access. Order your coffee, buy some coins and watch your passive income grow daily in your wallet.


Take a look at what MyCointainer offers for crypto investors:

  • Buy coins. The website has its own built-in exchange. It collaborates with several exchanges making it possible to get the best rates whenever you make a transaction.
  • Keep your coins in your MyCointainer wallet and generate your rewards daily. Whether it’s “cold” or “hot” staking, your funds are secure, and the process is transparent.
  • Get the highest returns with access to shared master nodes. Great chance to earn passive income with minimum risk.

Despite being so easy compared to mining, staking also has its pitfalls and if you’re a beginner, you need to get to know about them. The Crypto market has been open only for those “who know” for a while and now MyCointainer’s mission is to make it available for anyone. That’s why the platform is so simple and clear.


MyCointainer’s real value lies in its potential

Most people want to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum either because they have hardly heard about any other coins or because these two seem to be the most reliable. Staking platforms, though, offer numerous other promising assets that might be your chance to get skyrocketing returns. For example, MyCointainer offers 100+ coins you can buy and exchange.

I guess you already know a lot about the crypto market, so you look for the next steps and want to take action. Go to our website and get to know more about how to get rich fast with coin stock. If you still have doubts, ask questions – our support team will explain anything that remains unclear to you.

You can start with things like giveaways and airdrops if you’re not ready to invest yet. We’re developing a crypto community of people who are both into crypto and want to make it a passive income. We’ll be sharing knowledge and pro-tips about the market and will be accessible for beginners in the meantime. Cryptocurrency is a great source of income, and we’d like to share it with you 🙂

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