AI Voice Analysis: Magic Wand for Early Mental Illness Detection

AI voice analysis is set to eradicate mental disorder myths with artificial intelligence

Mental illness! The medical term consists of multiple negative stereotypes while people suffer from mental health issues. It is a myth that patients suffering from mental illness are incompetent or risky. Cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence is eradicating the stereotypes associated with mental illness. AI voice analysis is set to transform the issue in the society. This new artificial intelligence model will help to identify mental disorders with early tests and results. Let’s explore whether it is possible for AI voice analysis for mental illness detection in the nearby future.

AI voice analysis is set to transform the healthcare sector with its smart functionalities. Society needs an AI model for the appropriate mental illness detection to gauge a patient’s mental illness efficiently and effectively. Mental illness detection is speculated to be done through the artificial intelligence model known as AI voice analysis. The voice can be the sole element for the right mental illness detection.

It is known that mental illness can be detected through listening and observing the pattern and characteristics of how anyone is talking about it. Different mental illnesses exhibit different features while talking. Vocal features are very important for AI voice analysis to generate the result for mental illness detection, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many more.

The deep learning algorithms help to uncover additional features such as short voice recordings and other pieces of evidence that are impossible for human ears to pick it up. But just like a coin has two sides— artificial intelligence model can provide multiple issues including data privacy, bias, and other issues related to the AI voice analysis algorithms. This may also help people who are afraid to receive a correct diagnosis directly from any clinician. AI voice analysis can motivate people to remove any hesitation for mental illness detection and its care with self-monitoring.

The global health-tech market can have a product known as a voice-based mental fitness tracking and journaling product to detect the early stages of mental disorders. That being said, the healthcare sector needs more validation from people than depending on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, data, machine learning, and deep learning models. AI voice analysis can be a promising start to curing mental illness to make the world a better place.


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