Germany’s Economic Minister Warned Of Unrest If Russian Gas Is Immediately Cut Off

Authored by Andrew Korybko,

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck confirmed Russian assessments that Germany’s immediate cutoff of that country’s gas would provoke unrest in heart of that European leader. He revealed in an interview that “An immediate embargo on [Russian natural] gas would threaten social peace in Germany”, though such a scenario is indeed seriously being considered due to the immense pressure being put upon the EU by its American overlords as of late.

Another contributing factor is the bloc’s reluctance to comply with President Putin’s geo-economic judo move late last month that newly designed unfriendly countries such as EU’s members pay for gas with rubles.

All of this goes to show just how fundamentally Russia’s ongoing special military operation in Ukraine changed the geostrategic situation in Europe. Prior to the onset of that campaign, the bloc was already experiencing massive unrest driven by its population’s refusal to continue complying with what many of them regarded as the politically motivated epidemiological policies imposed by their governments. Now, however, Germany might descend into an even more intense crisis in the event that the US successfully pressures it to immediately cutoff imports of Russian gas. This prediction that was just made by none other than its own Minister for Economic Affairs should lead to a rethinking of Russia’s assessment.

Up until this point, it was considered to be nothing more than so-called “Russian propaganda” for anyone to make such a prediction, but now it’s literally the official position of the German government itself. Given the “politically correct” standards imposed upon the population by their leaders, society cannot openly ask why Germany is now “parroting Russian propaganda” since Moscow can never be extended credence under any circumstances. Nevertheless, those among the population who remember the prior narrative that was just recalled will likely start questioning what’s really going on and potentially distrust the “official narrative” even more than they already do.

The lesson to be learned is that even so-called “adversaries” like Russia are sometimes correct in their assessments even if some suspect that they might be making them for partially ulterior motives such as to provoke panic and/or influence policymaking. In this particular example, however, Russia and those who share its multipolar worldview were simply trying to make the masses aware of the interconnected humanitarian and political consequences connected with Germany’s potentially immediate cutoff of gas from that country. The self-inflicted destabilization of the EU’s largest country would only serve American interests by weakening its economic rival, though that’s likely why it wants that scenario.

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