Solana NFTs are on Hype, Is it A Good Sign for Bitgert

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April 6, 2022

The new Bitgert roadmap V2 will be coming with a lot of exciting products.

Solana integrating NFTs in its blockchain might be the best decision the team made recently. Capitalizing on the fastest chain and the lower gas fee, the adoption of the Solana NFT has been insane. In fact, Solana NFTs have been performing extremely well, which can be seen from massive marketcap growth.

The success of the Solana NFT is a good sign for the other blockchain, especially Bitgert (BRISE), which recently surpassed the Solana chain speed and gas fee. With a stronger blockchain that offers the lowest gas fee and the fastest speed, Bitgert NFTs might attract more attention than Solana. Read more below.



Among the many developments coming up on the Bitgert project in the market is the roadmap V2. The new Bitgert roadmap V2 will be coming with a lot of exciting products, and one of them is the NFT marketplace. Though it is not launched yet, Bitgert is projected to do very well when compared with other blockchains that have integrated NFT.

Bitgert is benchmarking with Solana NTF marketplace, which has been posting one of the biggest growths in the market recently. The biggest factors growing the Solana NFT marketplace are the fastest chain and the low gas fee, which Bitgert is doing better. These features have made transacting NFTs on this chain cheaper and more convenient than on other blockchains.

Now that Bitgert is offering a faster chain than Solana chain and the gas fee is a zero figure. These are two reasons why users and NFTs developers will choose to use the Bitgert NFT marketplace. Therefore, the fast-growing hype of the Solana NFT is a good sign for Bitgert.



Bitgert has already gotten traction due to its NTF product, but there are other coins investors need to consider. Centcex is one of the coins to watch. The crypto community says that Centcex has already started taking the steps of Bitgert in terms of the delivery of the roadmap. The Centcex launched mid-Nov 2021 but has achieved so much in delivering the roadmap.

But perhaps the most attractive element of the Centcex project is the massive number of products the Centcex team is planning to build. For the info on the Centcex website, there will be an unlimited number of products on this ecosystem. This will be one of the crypto projects that will make today’s investors rich in the coming days.


Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) has a lot of products on its chain, but the NFT marketplace is definitely one of the best performers right now. Recently the team projected that the marketcap is over $900m, making it one of the best in the market. But the success of Solana (SOL) NFTs comes from the fastest chain and the lower fee the chain offers compared to Ethereum, Klaytn, and Polygon, which are blockchains that NFTs can trade on

The Solana (SOL) NFT hype is projected to keep growing until when another blockchain offers traders and developers a better platform. Bitgert might be the next blockchain that will offer Solana tough competition in the NFT market. This is because of its lowest gas and the fastest blockchain.

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