Bitgert Backed Project Omniaverse Has Made Its dApp Beta Version LIVE

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April 1, 2022

The Bitgert Startup Studio is one of the programs making a huge impact on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. The number of projects built on Startup Studio and backed by Bitgert is growing every day. Omniaverse was the first Bitgert backed project, and its performance during the presale was just outstanding.

The Omniaverse presale was closed after just a few days, and now the team has announced exciting developments. Read more about the Omniaverse dApp beta version going live and the Bitgert project:



Bitgert team is building a blockchain platform that will impact small-scale projects that are finding it difficult to get VCs. The Bitgert BRC20 chain is now providing a platform where crypto-based projects can raise funds by listing BRISE paired tokens on this chain.

That’s what the Startup program has been doing, and there are almost 10 Bitgert backed projects listed on the Sphynx DEX, with some having also completed their presales. The projection by the Bitgert team is to have 100+ new projects launching every 30 days in 2022.

The Omniaverse was the first Bitgert backed project and is currently doing very well in the market. There are many projects that have also launched on the Bitgert supported DEX and have excellent performance.



The Omniaverse team has just launched the project dApp Beta version, and it has made LIVE about 24 hours of this writing. This is a huge milestone for the Bitgert backed Omniaverse project, and one makes the investors that participated in the recent presale make some huge returns on their investment. The dApp beta version will provide Omniaverse users with an opportunity to test the dApp before the official launch.

Omniaverse will be one of the most exciting of 2022 and more so after the team finally releases the dApp. The Omniaverse project is the first multiverse portal so far designed with the objective to provide artists with a platform where they can build and monetize all kinds of monuments.

So Omniaverse has come at the right time and will get massive adoption from the artists, especially those in the metaverse industry. At the same time, the Omniaverse investors are going to get massive returns from their Omniaverse tokens, OMNIA. There is still a big for Bitgert and other crypto investors to jump into the Omniaverse project because it is still a mooning crypto project.

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