CWD GLOBAL – CROWD GLOBAL COIN, The Poplar DAO Project Attracts Indian Crypto Users.

With just a hitch back in prices after the cold environment of war, the world crypto market stands strong to support the world with its finest financing nature. 

There are countries that are still studying crypto or blockchain to make the best use of these terms. India is one among them. On a high scale, India is the country with the highest number of Crypto users and investors who are very keen on exploring new opportunities in crypto. 

The government here has also planned some legislative developments and without any chaos, the continent has become a peaceful adopter of Crypto and Blockchain. 

CWD GLOBAL, A Blockchain-based DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization) project is grabbing the attention of Indian, Asian crypto users.

The newly released Whitepaper of CWD Global , brings out complete details of the project and its deliverables to the Crypto community.


Powered by its native cryptocurrency CWD (CROWD GLOBAL) , CWD GLOBAL is a Blockchain platform with a wide range of technical opportunities that aim to build multiple Defi apps and services with the active participation of CWD coin holders. 

As per the whitepaper, The CWD coin holders will have governance and voting rights to make fair decisions on any application being launched on this blockchain. 

For example, the Staking governance will allow users to vote and decide the staking percentage. The staking percentage now is set to be 9% for 3 months, and the next voting event will be held on 20th march between the CWD coin holders, so it might be increased significantly.

The Blockchain platform upholds all the necessary and major features like decentralization and equity, transparency and anonymity, durability and stability, scalability, and flexibility.

CWD Coin and other tokens of CWD GLOBAL blockchain

  • Coin name : CROWD GLOBAL
  • Coin Ticker : CWD
  • Network : CWD GLOBAL Blockchain 
  • Total Supply : 10 000 000 000
  • Use Case : Network fee & Payments 
  • Initial Launch : CWDEX, P2P and listing on international crypto exchanges

CROWD GLOBAL (CWD)  is the native cryptocurrency of the CWD GLOBAL Platform with a total supply of 10 billion but the circulating supply is limited and reserved.

The limited supply will add up value and reserve coins for future developments. Staking of coins and producing new products on the blockchain platform will increase the number of holders and will increase the price of CWD coin. 

There are 593,991,822 CWD in circulation as of December 2021. There will be international exchange listings. CWD cryptocurrency will be available for as little as $0.005 on the exchange. We believe that CWD coins also will be listed in Coinsbit India Exchange.

After listing, CWD coins can be acquired on a decentralized CWDEX exchange or a peer-to-peer exchange, as well as on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

CWD is a utility token by its nature and offers the following benefits for its coin holders:

  • The ability to vote for a witness. 
  • The ability to stake (delegate) CWD cryptocurrency and earn rewards in the same coin.
  • The opportunity to engage in the gaming area and gain money via successful game passages.
  • The option to register as a business account and issue your own token on the CWD GLOBAL blockchain.

Since the CWD GLOBAL is a self-developed blockchain, not just DeFi apps anyone can also create multiple coins/tokens. 

Right now we can see different tokens on the CWD GLOBAL platform such as 

  • Miligoldcrowd (MGCWD).
  • Millicent (MCENT).
  • Diamond.

All the above tokens are built on the CWD GLOBAL platform with their own supply, emission, and use cases. The tokens are estimated to be released over the DEX and P2P platform of CWD global. 

Note : 

  • Since it is an open source blockchain any users with basic knowledge of blockchain and smart contract can create their own token. 
  • CWD Coin is the main currency of the network just like ETH to the Ethereum network and will be used for all the network access purposes. 

The Staking Program  of CWD Coin 

Traditional mining can be replaced by staking. Users receive a fee. The income % varies depending on the coin chosen and the length of time it is held. 

Users need to place the coins on a dedicated platform. He will be paid interest on his passive earnings of this.

Unlike other blockchains, the staking incentive on the CWD GLOBAL platform is set by a vote of CWD currency holders every three months. 

At the start in 2019, staking income reached 190% per year in CWD coins, which ensured a large influx of new users to the platform. Then the staking reward gradually decreased, creating a shortage of coins in circulation.

There are three staking periods available right now: 3, 6, and 12 months.

For 3 months, the percentage return on staking is 9%, which is similar to other currencies and even exceeds several well-known blockchains.

Blockchain Name Yield percentage per year Minimum staking period Accrual process
COSMOS 10.85% 21 days Manually, the delegator needs to request and re-stake
COMDEX 30.01% 21 days Manually, the delegator needs to request and re-stake
POLKADOT 13.94% 28 days Accrual occurs automatically as the rewards are sent to the delegator’s account, increasing his voting rights. Service providers request transactions every 4 days. Nominators can manually complete a claim transaction if they wish to apply early.
SOLANA 6.95% On Solana, there is a warm-up of the bet and a bet deactivation period:  • It takes 4 epochs (about 10-12 days) for the bet to fully activate and earn all expected rewards.  • Refunds from staking take 4 epochs (about 10-12 days) for the staking to be fully deactivated and the SOL to be withdrawn after a request to cancel staking. In automatic mode, rewards are credited to the betting account address and earn more rewards.

The closest vote in the size of Staking will be held in March, 20, 2022, then in June 2022 and so on, every three months. 

It is also possible with the great activity of new users on the CWD GLOBAL platform, that other types of staking will appear for a shorter time, such as Cosmos and Polkadot (21 days or 1 month).

Most of the well-known blockchains offer their participants only one type of income, it is staking or mining in blockchains with a consensus protocol Proof of Work.

CWD GLOBAL offers its users different types of active income – consider the basic functions available for today.

The opportunities offered by CWD GLOBAL are as follows:

  1. CROWD DEX – A DEX P2P Exchange platform.
  2. DEX – A decentralized exchange.
  3. GAME ZONE – Users can bet on various games, built by smart contracts.
  4. IDO –  the opportunity to hold IDOs and attract new investors. 
  5. Referral income for inviting friends and expanding users activity.

Referral Programs on CWD GLOBAL Platform

The CWD GLOBAL platform combines a multi-level affiliate system with blockchain storage of the referral structure and smart contract-based automated payout of referral payments.

The affiliate program now has eight levels of depth. Only a referral link from a partner is required to register on the platform, and once registered, the new user is instantly linked to the structure of the partner who invited him. Following that, the referral benefits from any commissions paid by the newly registered partner will begin to be paid to the partner.

There are several partner statuses in the system, and based on your standing, you will have access to different criteria for obtaining referral benefits.

There are various types of referral programs on CWD like:

  • General Referral Program
  • Referral program for staking.
  • Leadership referral Bonus.

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